Friday, November 13, 2009

Dollhouse Cancelled By Fox - November 13, 2009

FOX Summer TCABad news but news that I can’t say surprised me. I was already braced for the news. Dollhouse has been cancelled by Fox. The show has not performed well ratings wise this year although the DVR numbers have definitely been good. The good news is that reports are out that all thirteen episodes of Dollhouse that was ordered by Fox will air beginning in December. Eliza Dushku had these comments about the cancellation on her Twitter account: "Hear it here. Hey, that's really why I started twitter, the rumors/news IS true: Dollhouse will not cont. past these 13 eps :( BUT... There's always a but... I can't express enough-- this has been one of the MOST rewarding experiences of my career. Thank you guys!” What a bummer for sure as this was a show that really hit its stride. It appears that Joss will still be able to set up the last episode to be a series finale. Joss has commented on the cancellation over at ath this link:

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