Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dawson's Creek Reunion - November 5, 2009

Paley Center For Media's "Dawson�s Creek: A Look Back"A Dawson’s Creek reunion took place this week at the Paley Center for Media. In attendance were Kevin Williamson (Show Creator), James Van Der Beek (Dawson Leery), Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee), Busy Phillips (Audrey Liddell), and Monica Keena (Abby Morgan). The reunion was also to promote the complete series being released on DVD on November 10. It was interesting to read comments of how they feel about the show looking back on it. The pilot was screened there and everyone felt that it still holds up well. I’ve seen it again in recent years and have always felt that the pilot was a great episode. It holds up greatly almost twelve years later. It was tremendous on premiere night. I remember watching the promos for this show before it premiered thinking that this looks like a show that I might like. By the end of the first episode, I was hooked and watched every episode from there on out. I had fallen in love with Joey Potter, played by Katie Holmes, by the end of the first episode. LOL. The Dawson/Joey love story was fun to follow and that first season was just incredible. I still say that the first season was the best of the show’s run. Fans have always been back and forth on Jen being killed off in the series finale but Kevin worded it really well. He said that the show was always to him about growing up and that them losing someone that they loved was the final lesson in that process. He added that Jen’s arrival changed Dawson, Pacey, and Joey and then her passing away also changed their lives as they took that final step to growing up. Busy Phillips took a shot at Chad Michael Murray during the event and it was obvious that she didn’t care much with working with him. James, who has worked with him recently, did step up for him saying “he’s actually come a long way”. So, the complete series will be available on DVD on November 10. Now, keep in mind that there are music changes on this set so don’t be surprised when you notice that scenes are very different and don’t have the music that you remembered. That actually kept me from buying the sets. I did buy season one cause there were just a few songs replaced on it so most of it was intact. Yeah, if you haven’t been reading my stuff for very long, I am VERY big about music replacement on DVD sets. It will make or break me buying sets for me. I’d rather stick with my recorded episodes off of TV than buy a box set with the show different than I saw it. With that said, the full series DVD set is very cool with how it was produced packaging wise and fans will be happy with it. This show was cutting edge for its time and I have a lot of great memories of this show. It was very sad to see the show go and the finale was bittersweet to watch. Excited to see it but knew that it was over. That final sequence set to “say good night, not goodbye” still stays in my memory. The show was a MAJOR deal in launching The WB network. It was nice to see the show mentioned in that way in that WB/UPN book that was released in recent years. Great to have some of the cast back together for the reunion and this box set will be a great thing for fans to have for their collection.
Paley Center Presents 'Dawson's Creek - A Look Back' Beverly Hills

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