Sunday, November 29, 2009

Storm Chasers Finale Thoughts - INCREDIBLE! - November 29, 2009

Three words can describe the season finale of Storm Chasers. Amazing adrenaline rush!!! Wow, that was just amazing TV!! The first episode saw Sean make history as he finally got his shot!! Sean and the TIV crew teamed back up with Josh and his crew for a little bit but Josh’s meteorologists, Matt and Brandon, pointed to a different storm. So, Sean left and followed that storm instead. That would be the right decision and even Josh and the Vortex crew would later go to the same storm. The Doghouse team got Sean’s TIV right into the tornado for the intercept. How about that shot of Sean pulling down on that camera as he fights to get the shot from inside the tornado??!! That was an incredible camera shot and just showed how intense the moment was all around. A dream being achieved, how strong the storm was, and just the amazement all around. I had the face of the Doghouse crew as I watched all this happen. Laughing and just loving every minute of it. Sean has been at this for so long and to see his dream realized was amazing to watch. If you aren’t familiar with Sean, he has been making a IMAX movie but the final shot that he needed was from inside a tornado. He has been trying to get this shot for around ten years now. Seriously, that shot of him hanging on inside the TIV was one of the best TV shots ever. Incredible. All the storm chasers were eyeing the same storm. Reed and the TVN crew also intercepted the storm too by sitting right in the tornado as well. Reed had a new driver for this intercept as Dave took over driving duties. How about the look on his face when the dominator intercepted??!! LOL. What happened to Joel? Well, after conflicts he is now chasing on his own and was seen in that episode. He and Reed did reunite to talk about their incredible day after the tornado had passed and all is well. Tim and the Twistex team had an amazing day as well deploying probes. It was a lot of fun to watch all the teams coming together and telling the stories of chasing the same tornado. It reminded me of watching a bunch of people together telling their war stories. Incredible episode all around with all the teams involved!!! How ironic is it that Sean gets his shot without Josh??!! LOL. Josh did do very well too with Vortex 2 as they recorded the whole lifecycle of the storm. That brings us to episode two with TVN and Twistex being involved in the chase in Nebraska. This was an intense storm that dropped multiple tornadoes. Reed had his plane deploying probes and Twistex was all around that storm dropping probes in the path of the tornado. Tim got two direct hits for sure is what it looked like. The size of that tornado was incredible and Reed and the TVN crew found themselves right in the middle of it. This led to the shot that we’ve been seeing all season of the window being blown open. Reed and Chris were cut open by the glass while their radar guy Mick was in the back seat bracing for impact and collecting data. Intense moments with them being in this incredibly strong tornado as Tim and his crew watched from behind knowing that Reed was awful gutsy to be trying to intercept this particular one. Nasty, nasty tornado and the TVN crew got some incredible data out of it. As did the Twistex crew with their probe intercepts. Tim and his crew did incredible in this episode!! This really is a life or death situation and you have to be on top of things at all times. Hopefully, all the data that these storm chasers collect is going to help make the warnings happen sooner and help to understand storms better. This two hour finale showed just how intense this stuff can be and just how great these people are at what they do. Congratulations to all the chasers on an incredible season!! Tim made the comment near the end of the last episode looking at the camera and saying how about that for a season finale? I couldn’t have said it better, Tim. I couldn’t have said it better!!

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