Friday, November 20, 2009

Smallville, Survivor, 90210/Melrose, NPH On Twitter, & More - November 20, 2009

Awesome episode of Smallville tonight!! After just seeing bits and pieces of the future from Lois’s visions, tonight we saw the full deal. The future….is not pretty. Zod had built his tower and had the red sun in full effect. Zod’s army was in full control and Tess was involved as well. Interesting how she kept talking about how she was the earth’s savior with what she had done. Clark was useless cause of the red sun. As Clark and Lois were captured, the crew jumped in for the save with Chloe and Oliver. Chloe got a virus into the tower wiping out the red sun and returning the regular sun. Yes, Chloe does get killed in the future and things were not looking good for Clark either. Oliver and Clark assured Lois that she could use the ring and go back to the past and prevent this all from ever happening. Tess was also trying to get answers in present day by plugging into Lois’s dreams so she could find out the mystery of where Lois was for so much time when she disappeared. Then, Clark and Lois were synced up as well and he was able to get answers. The result of what happened in the future was because of Clark going against Zod. So, now he is going to try a different approach and appears to go for a peaceful resolution with Zod. The episode finished with Zod telling his army to bow before Kal-El. Really cool moment and then we learn the news that the next new episode is…..January 22. That is two months away!!! What an episode to finish out this early round of early season stuff.

One, two, three times a hidden immunity idol winner on Survivor. Well, at least this time Russell had a clue to help him. The other two times had him finding it without a clue. The immunity challenge had a lot of attention on Laura cause that was the target and has been for a while now. When she was eliminated, there were a lot of smiles. Mick ended up winning immunity but the story was all about Laura and the hidden immunity idol. Russell was trailed by several Galu members through the woods as he searched for the idol. He thought he had found it and then ran off to get the others off the track. When he lost them, he returned to where he had been and there was the hidden immunity idol. He told Shambo and the Foa Foa members that he had it. Laura wanted to vote Russell again to either get rid of him or flush out the idol. John wanted to target Natalie saying that she was the least likely to have the idol. John got extremely frustrated with his tribe members over their growing mistakes in recent days with who has been voted out. So, the plan was made by several Galu members to tell that they were going to vote out John. Then, they would fake it and vote out Natalie instead. Yeah, this didn’t go over with John. The plan was made and he was put it in before he was even told. Who would be good with that plan which included you having your name possibly written down??!! John and Russell talked and John said that he was not going to take the knockout punch meant for Laura. Russell had already seen that he and Foa Foa were likely getting played. So the decision was made to have the tie vote possibly and then have John flip. Well, it worked. At tribal council, Laura talked of how tight that Galu still was. However, Jeff pointed out that Shambo was on the fence and that doesn’t mean a tight group if one isn’t with them. We had a tie vote with Laura and Natalie getting five votes each. With that locked up and only being able to vote for one or the other, there was the re-vote. That was when John flipped and voted out Laura. Five to three votes sending Laura home. Wow, another blindside. The last three weeks of episodes have been great blindsides.

Hmm, there is some new movie that was just released called New Moon? Ever heard of it? Me either. I’m of course being completely goofy. Yeah, this movie will do a big box office number this weekend.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 2012 - $65.2 million. 2. Disney’s A Christmas Carol - $22.3 million. 3. Precious - $5.87 million. 4. The Men Who Stare At Goats - $5.86 million. 5. Michael Jackson’s This Is It - $5 million. 6. The Fourth Kind - $4.6 million. 7. Couples Retreat - $4.1 million. 8. Paranormal Activity - $4 million. 9. Law Abiding Citizen - $3.7 million. 10. The Box - $3.1 million.

I checked out the Opry Live show last week broadcast live in connection with My Space. Really good show that lasted for a hour. Carrie Underwood opened and closed the show with a great performance. Martina McBride performed in the middle of the show and was incredible. Jake Owen and Rodney Atkins were also a part of the show as well. The viewership of the show was up in the 90,000 range as Carrie closed the show at the end. I really enjoyed the show.

If you’re a Twitter person like I am, you’ll be happy to know that Neil Patrick Harris is now on Twitter. You can follow him at @ActuallyNPH He seems to be having fun so far and is learning quickly on the workings of Twitter. In fact, he has been tweeting tonight along wiht Alyson Hannigan about Stacy Keibler being a guest star on How I Met Your Mother. They are shooting scenes tonight from what it sounds like and Neil has posted a picture of he and Stacy as well.

That song by Owl City called "Fireflies" sure is a song that will get in your head quickly.

Lost will be returning on Tuesday, February 2 with its sixth and final season. Three hour premiere on that night.

90210 saw Silver, Kelly, and Jackie bond together one last time. I really thought their scenes were incredible in this episode. Jackie was rushed to the hospital where it was learned that she was in cardiac arrest. The doctors said that she was too weak from treatments to fight much longer and basically said to say your goodbyes. Silver tried to get Kelly to talk to her but she didn’t want to and compared Silver’s relationship with their mom. Kelly said to add twenty more years of bad memories to what Silver had and she’d understand. Kelly was not up for it at all saying that their relationship was too far gone. Kelly got the wakeup call when she arrived at the hospital to pick up Silver only to notice that the room was empty and Silver was not answering her phone call. Kelly broke down only to be found by Silver who explained that Jackie had gotten a private room. So, that gets us to the excellent scene with Jackie and Kelly getting together and rekindling their relationship. Jackie said that Kelly didn’t turn out like she thought she would and was thankful of that while apologizing for being a bad mom. Kelly told her that she forgave her and we later had the scene of Silver and Kelly each on one side of Jackie as she passed away. They were all holding hands and the scene was as powerful as could be. Other happenings on the show. Jasper was invited to dinner at the Wilson house but he didn’t make an appearance until after Dixon informed them of Navid’s talk of him being a drug dealer. The dinner happened but they informed Annie that they didn’t want her seeing him anymore saying that she wasn’t even herself anymore around him. Jasper had his moment at the end of the episode when he sneak attacked Navid at school and shoved him down the stairs leaving him unconscious. Liam, Dixon, and the crew appear to be setting up a plan to get a confession out of Jen. Naomi’s using guys for her own gain caught up with her as she seemingly realized how wrong she had been to three different guys. Adrianna was caught with drugs by Naomi as well.

Amanda returns to Melrose Place. That was the big promotion this week and she was definitely working on toughening up Ella. The basic storyline is that Ella wants to be Amanda so Amanda was pushing her limits to see how badly she wanted the job. When she finally refused to do something, Amanda did it on her own which was costing Riley her job at school. What about Sydney? Well, there is obviously some tie between Amanda and Sydney considering that Amanda appears to be looking for something of Sydney’s. David was working on trying to tie Michael to Sydney’s murder including him finding Sydney’s bloody necklace in Michael’s car. Also, Auggie was arrested in the case of the murder after his blood was found on the murder weapon. Amanda returns next week as well.

How funny was the scene with Sheldon filling out Penny’s paperwork at the hospital on this week’s Big Bang Theory? I was cracking up all through it with him asking questions and seeing her reaction to the question. Then, he would write down what he thought. It was really funny. Jim Parsons and Kaley Kuoco are great at playing off of each other. Just the facial expressions of Kaley’s crack me up!!

I also liked this week’s How I Met Your Mother which featured Barney’s playbook. All the different strategies and plans of how to pick up women. Just when the gang thought they had straightened out Barney, he outsmarted them with a whole new play. Great episode.

I’ve said this already but I’m really liking Heroes this season. So much easier to watch than last season. Much more fun this year.

Oprah will be ending her show in 2011. The last show will air on September 9, 2011.

I was flipping through channels the other morning and saw that Joan of Arcadia was airing on Syfy. I was thinking, well, that is an odd network to be airing that show. That is a show that I really need to watch sometime as I’ve always heard good things about it.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, November 24. Beverly Hills 90210 (Season Eight), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (Fourth Year), Melrose Place (Season Five – Volume Two).

TV Line Of The Week: From The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon fills out Penny’s hospital information paperwork asking questions off of it.
Sheldon: “When was your last menstrual period?”
Penny: “Oh, next question” (angrily)
Sheldon: (starts writing) “Currently in progress.”

Twitter Update Of The Week: Neil Patrick Harris
@ActuallyNPH Felicia Day is popular. She mentions me and Twitter and Kablammo!

You Tube Video Of The Week: Microsoft Goes Back To The Future

Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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