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Wrap Up Q&A With Big Brother 8's Jessica - October 11, 2007

Hey, hope everyone is doing great!!

I've got another Wrap Up Q&A this week and it is with Big Brother 8's Jessica. Jessica was part of the rival twist at the beginning of this season being paired up with Carol. Jessica was a two time head of household winner and made it to the final six before being evicted. Jessica and Eric, who was America's Player, started a romance in the house that has continued on outside of the house. Jessica and Eric were my favorites of the houseguests this season and I cheered for her and Eric all season. So, this was a pleasure to have her answer the questions for the Wrap Up. A huge thank you to Jessica for responding and taking the time to answer!!

I already have heard the answer to this in a recent chat but can you go ahead and answer the first question that everyone wants to know? What is the status with you and Eric?
Eric and I are dating! I am going to NYC this weekend to visit him and he will be coming to Kansas with in a few weeks.

Any plans on either of you relocating to be near the other?
There are no immediate plans for either of us to relocate. I have one more year of college that I want to finish here at Wichita State and I am not sure what Eric’s career plans are at this time, so we are just taking things a day at a time.

What do you think of all the tribute music videos that have been made of you and Eric and do you have a favorite?
I am so surprised by the number of tributes made for us, and I really love every single one of them (I watch them every day)!!! I cannot get over how talented our fans are – and want to say how special they made us feel. THANK YOU so much to every one of you that took the time to make us a tribute!!

Overall, how would you rate your experience in the Big Brother house?
I had an awesome time, and would rate my experience as the best summer of my life so far!

What made you want to try out for Big Brother and how long have you been watching the show?
I have been watching Big Brother since season four, and it always looked like so much fun, so I knew that I would try out as soon as I turned 21, because I love competing and trying new things!

Did you have a specific strategy going into the house on what you were wanting to try and do?
I went into the house planning to just be myself, competing hard, and having lots of fun while trying to make friends and allies that would help me in the game.

What did you think of the original "rival" twist of the game?
I hated the rival twist. I really wanted to be in a house full of strangers, and it threw my game off when I had a rival there.

Did you ever have any suspicion of another twist in the game after the ones had been revealed at the beginning?
The Big Brother house is full of paranoia, and you always wonder what is true, and what you might be missing, so of course I always wondered if there were other twists. This paranoia makes you second guess everything you do, hear, think, and believe.

What did you think of the twist of America 's Player and what were your thoughts on when it was revealed by Julie Chen?
Wow, I was shocked! I thought Eric did an amazing job as America ’s Player! I don’t believe anyone else could have pulled it off. When Julie revealed the twist, I could not believe my closest friend & ally was the twist and I did not even know it!

The week when Eric was almost evicted about halfway through the game which was the week that included the Amber blowup appeared to be very hard on you with trying to decide what to do. Were there any doubts in your mind on whether you could trust Eric especially with others trying to break you two apart?
That was a very tough week for me. I wanted to believe Eric so bad, but with everyone in the House telling me what a liar he was and how he was playing me, I doubted him. Eventually I had to make my own decision, and went with my instincts, which were to trust him. I was relieved and excited when I found out Eric was staying.

Do you regret not putting up Dick and Daniele for eviction during your last HOH week cause it looked like that you really wanted to make that power play but sort of got talked out of it?
At the time, we had a final four agreement, and I went against my intuition, hoping I could trust them. In a game like this, the paranoia always makes you second guess every move, but knowing what I do now, of course I wish I would have listened to my instincts and nominated them before they broke our alliance and went after me.

If you had things to do over in the game, what things would you like to go back in time and change?
I wish I had built closer relationships with Jen and Zach. On a personal level I wish I had stood up for Jen and the other houseguests when Dick was abusive to them – nobody deserved to be treated like they were by him. I also wish I had not doubted Eric so much, and would have stopped all the Eric bashing that was going on.

What was your favorite moment in the house that was related to the game and also what was your favorite non-game moment in the Big Brother house such as when everyone was just hanging out and having fun?
My favorite game moment was when I won my first HOH – it was really huge for me since it happened right after “hell week” for Eric. My favorite non-game moment was the night Eric and I stayed up all night in the backyard talking about fun things on the lawn chairs.

Can you talk about what it is like to have cameras on you 24/7 in the house? Is it something that you just kind of get used to or always stay aware of?
The cameras in the house would follow us from room to room so we were always aware of them, but I did get used to them. For me, it was more bizarre to think about the staff & crew in the walls watching us, than having the cameras in the house.

One of the best moments of the season was when you got your phone call from your brother. How is he doing and is he back home now? Was he able to keep up with you at all on the show?
Eric was so generous to give me that call! I had been so worried if Dean was still in the war or home, and when I heard his voice, I immediately got all choked up – it was such a relief to know he was back safely in the USA! Dean is doing great. He was able to come to the finale & wrap party with me, and we had a great time. I don’t think he has ever been able to watch the entire season, but we filled him in with all the highlights. He is now stationed in 29 Palms, California , and attending school and training for his next deployment back to Iraq .

Your family did an amazing job with your site while you were away!! How was their summer with watching you on Big Brother and did they enjoy the Big Brother experience?
My parents are the best! They watched the feeds 24-7 while I was on the show, so the basically lived the show with me. My parents told me it was very hard to watch other people scheme against me and say hurtful things about me. They actually knew more than I did! I know they feel the editing that was done for the television show was unfair to me and many of the houseguests.

Which game did you enjoy playing more, zuma zuma or pong?
Zuma Zuma lets more people play, which was great when there were several of us that wanted to play. But, pong is my favorite, and if we had been given ping pong balls, I would have totally dominated the game! The rules we came up with were so ridiculous and I looked forward to pong every night!

With where you are in watching the Big Brother shows, is there anything that has surprised you so far with what you've seen?
I have watched through week five, and I am surprised at how much is not shown on the television episodes! For example, Joe and I were very close, and that was not shown on the TV show at all!

Editing of the show and of the houseguests is always a hot topic. I was disappointed as a feed viewer to see how long it took for the producers to put on the show of how close you and Eric were getting. I also remember you saying on the feeds at one point early in the game that you could tell you weren't being shown much on the show cause of the questions you were being asked in the diary room. How have you felt about the editing of yourself and other houseguests from what you've seen? Has it been fair for the most part?
If fans did not watch the live feeds and/or Big Brother After Dark, they really missed a lot, and never got to see the full, true personalities of the houseguests! The editing done for the television show was very unfair to many of the houseguests. For example, Jameka was almost never shown unless she was praying, and never did they really show her sense of humor and her fun side. There is also so much more to Amber than just her crying which was pretty much how her role was edited on television.

We got to see very little of the sequester house this season. What was the mood there? Was it still tense from the game or was everyone just kind of relaxed and ready to move forward?
There was some tension, but since there were no more game strategy pressures, for the most part it was a very relaxed atmosphere, and we had a lot of fun there. I especially enjoyed getting to know Jen and Dustin better!

With the jury voting, how did you base your decision on who to vote for to win Big Brother? Overall, were the rest of the jury members voting on personal feelings or by game play?
We could base our votes on anything we wanted, and in my opinion, most of jury members voted on a personal level rather than strategic.
My vote was purely personal. I knew at the final three that I would vote for Zach in any scenario simply because the Donato’s had broken their word to me on the final four agreement we had. If Zach didn’t make the final 2, then Dick would get my vote over Daniele, because I had a better relationship with Dick than I did with Daniele.

What is the first thing to come to mind when you think of each houseguest?
Eric- Mr. Personality, always fun, I love being with him!
Dick- His exterior is loud and mean but he can be nice when he wants to
Daniele- She loves Nick
Amber- So much hair and hair products!
Dustin- Lets have another 24 hour go to bed day!
Jameka- I love this girl! She’s my lil baby!
Carol- rival
Kail- wore a bunny suit when she was evicted
Joe- He was my first best friend and bed mate and I missed him so much when he left!
Mike- meat logs
Jen- I love how strong she was in standing up to Dick
Zach- Dolphin Crash
Nick- He loves Daniele

How has your life been since the end of Big Brother with fan interaction? Are you getting recognized a lot and do you have any funny story to tell about being recognized?
My life has been very busy since the end of the show and I do get recognized a lot more than I ever thought I would. My favorite story is from the day after the finale. Eric and I went to Universal Studios with our brothers and friends and we were getting in line for a water ride when a worker yells “There she is! That’s the girl who kept my wife up all night every night this summer!” haha. I took a picture with him and he was really nice. I couldn’t believe that someone actually wanted to stay up and watch me every night!

What would you like to say to all the fans of the show and of you?
Thanks for watching! Thanks for all the love and support you have given me and my family! I really appreciate it! I love you all!

To wrap this up, I couldn't think of any better way so can you give us one word that starts with a B and ends with -yah? LOL.

Again, I want to say a huge thank you to Jessica for taking the time to answer those questions!!

Here are the movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. The Game Plan - $16.6 million. 2. The Heartbreak Kid - $14 million. 3. The Kingdom - $9.7 million. 4. Resident Evil: Extinction - $4.5 million. 5. The Seeker - $3.7 million. 6. Good Luck Chuck - $3.6 million. 7. 3:10 To Yuma - $3.2 million. 8. Feel The Noise - $3.1 million. 9. Mr. Woodcock - $2.3 million. 10. The Brave One - $2.3 million.

TV Guide is saying that NBC has ordered more scripts for Chuck, Bionic Woman, Life, and Journeyman.

Here is something that I am glad that I heard about. There is a book coming out on October 16th called Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall of the WB and UPN. The show has stories from Suzanne Daniels, who was an executive at the WB, and Cynthia Littleton, from Variety. They will cover the ups and downs of both networks. It's no secret that I was a huge WB fan back in the day and spent many nights watching shows on that network. With UPN, I just never was really into many of their shows. I could probably count on one hand how many shows I watched on UPN and two of them were former WB shows heading over to UPN including Buffy and Roswell. This could be a very interesting book that will hopefully have many questions answered including various decisions on shows and many more. I plan on picking this book up and will let you know my thoughts on it when I get it read on down the line.

Carrie Underwood's new CD, Carnival Ride, hits stores Tuesday, October 23rd. Her new video for So Small has been doing very well over at CMT.

Being released on Tuesday is the Transformers movie DVD. Be sure to check advertisements for different stores to decide on where you want to get it from cause various stores are offering different exclusives with your purchase. There are also different versions of the movie being released. Be sure to research around on what version that you want as well.

On to tonight's Smallville. I like that they have Clark playing the Jonathan Kent role in the family with Kara. He is looking out for her best interest like Jonathan did with him. I haven't been much of a Clark/Lana couple fan lately but I did enjoy their reunion tonight. Lex has found Kara and is talking to her about saving his life. So, he is now on to Kara's mystery as he has been with Clark. Jimmy has returned and there is a spark between him and Kara. So, Chloe is on the outs with him probably and also is taking a backseat to Lois at the paper. What is up with Chloe's luck?? Previews for next week show that Chloe is going to be looking for a cure from a doctor. The doctor is played by someone who has some Superman history, Dean Cain.

The slap bet countdown clock continues to run for How I Met Your Mother.

The new season of Little People Big World premieres on Monday night on TLC. This is a show that I really like but unfortunately don't get to watch it like I would like to. The family is extremely likable and it's a fun show to watch.

Seth Green is set to guest star this season on Grey's Anatomy.

The previews for next week's Survivor shows a "twist" coming. However on tonight's episode we saw Dave go home after continuing to clash with his tribe over the entire season. I actually thought he was going to be voted out a few episodes ago. He worked hard at camp but his style seemed to turn people off. He was interesting TV for this early part of the season of the show.

If you're looking to get started on Heroes, G4 may be your destination. G4 is going to start airing Heroes episodes soon including airing the current week's episode on the same week that it airs on NBC. G4 is also going to run some marathons on October 27th and 28th of season one.

Big Brother production has been auctioning off items from the Big Brother 8 house including picture frames, chess pieces from the back yard, lamps, and even a sink. Also, they were auctioning the male and female HOH robes and you can check out the female robe here which has already been sold.

Ratings on the new shows continue to be interesting to follow. Cavemen had its second episode this week and was said to have lost 2.2 million viewers from the series premiere last week. Carpoolers also had a decrease in viewers in its second episode. It is pretty normal for shows to drop off from their premiere to their second episode but you never want the drop off to be big.

Ok, I've gotten hooked on to Kid Nation. This is an addictive little show. It's been interesting to say the least. I haven't gotten to watch this week's episode so I can't comment on anything else that has happened. I've been impressed with what they are able to do with running this town. That council keeps taking a ton of heat but it's a lesson to be learned that you can't please everyone. There are very likable kids on there and then others that are not so much. LOL. I like Sophia and would be curious to see how she would handle things with being on the council. I'm pretty happy with the council for the most part. Some of them have been taking some heat and I don't know if it is even possible to overthrow a council member to be replaced. Watch that have happened this week and I'll feel like a moron. LOL. It was nice to see Mallory get that gold star last week. She seems like an extremely good kid and you can tell that her parents have done a good job in raising her. For 8 years old, she is very level headed.

The new shows of The Price Is Right with Drew Carey as the new host are set to begin airing on Monday.

Wayne Newton was eliminated from this week's Dancing With The Stars.

Regis Philbin announced this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly that he will hosting the return of Password on CBS. It was also announced that the Halloween show of Regis and Kelly will be a 3D viewing special. Live is promoting that you can pick up your 3D glasses at Walgreens at the photo counter to watch the show.

The CW has been picked up Gossip Girl for the rest of the season.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 16th. Ironside (Season Two), Jonathan Creek (Season Two), MacGyver (Full Series), Masters Of Horror (Season 1, Volume 1), Medium (Season Three), Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares (Volume 1), Roseanne (Season 9), Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip (Season One), That 70's Show (Season Seven), Wanted: Dead Or Alive (Season Three).

You Tube Video Of The Week: I'm sure most of you have seen this one already but here it is in case. Some amazing shadow puppets.

That's it for this week. Wishing all of you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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