Thursday, October 25, 2007

October 25, 2007 - Carrie Underwood, Storm Chasers, Hot/Crazy Scale

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. 30 Days Of Night - $15.9 million. 2. Why Did I Get Married? - $12.1 million. 3. The Game Plan - $8.1 million. 4. Michael Clayton - $6.6 million. 5. The Comebacks - $5.5 million. 6. Gone Baby Gone - $5.5 million. 7. We Own The Night - $5.4 million. 8. Nightmare Before Christmas - $5.3 million. 9. Rendition - $4.0 million. 10. The Heartbreak Kid - $3.8 million.

I bought Carrie Underwood's new CD, Carnival Ride, this week and am really enjoying it. How would I compare it with her first CD? I definitely like it just as much for sure. The CD does have more of a country sound to it than the original which is what she was going for. I purposely avoided any kind of sneak peeks of the CD so I could just listen to it straight through. Some of my favorite songs are So Small (the first single off the album), Just A Dream, Wheel Of The World, Crazy Dreams, I Know You Won't, Twisted, and The More Boys I Meet. Wheel Of The World is the last song on the album and centers just about the wheel of life in general with how things change every moment. The More Boys I Meet is a fun song that kind of feels like the "I Ain't In Checotah" of this new album. The basic idea of the song is that she will give any guy one chance but keeps meeting the wrong guys with the lyric being "the more boys I meet, the more I love my dog". Pretty funny and just a fun song. Carrie did a great job with this sophomore album of hers and I wish her plenty of success with it!!

Kristen Bell arrived on Heroes this week. I let out a cheer when she appeared on screen. We've got plenty of questions on her character so far. Who is she working for? Why is she after Peter? Just who is daddy??!! Several twists this week with Parkman meeting up with his father after many years and there is for sure something going on with him. How does Parkman's father fit into the story of Molly and then the others that have been murdered? It sure does appear that he may be behind it. I've really got to wonder about Suresh. I can't really figure out whose side he is on and just what he is trying to accomplish. I'm not sure he realizes what is going on all around him. The show definitely keeps you guessing. I'm thrilled to have Kristen Bell aboard this season and that helps with my lack of Veronica Mars. She'll add a punch to the show for sure.

I am starting to read the Season Finale: The Unexpected Rise and Fall Of The WB and UPN book. Interesting to point out in the beginning of the book is that the author, who worked at the WB from the beginning, points out immediately that the WB started to go downhill when they "let their baby go" which appears to be pointing to Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I am really interested in finishing this book and finding out more stories on the inner workings of the decisions of both networks.

This week's How I Met Your Mother was definitely the episode of the season so far for me. This was also the highest rated episode of the season as well which was fitting. The stuff with how they all met each other was very good and the addition of the "crazy" girl that Ted was seeing was funny. I kept cracking up at Barney talking to her about how "crazy" every story was. Barney also talked about the crazy/hot scale. What is that, you ask? According to Barney, it's a sensitive scale where you have to balance a girl on how "hot" she is and how "crazy" she is. The key is for her to peek over to the "hot" side instead of the "crazy" side so it makes dating her worthwhile. Head over to where Barney's blog has an explanation on the scale and a questionnaire that people can take to see where they rank on the hot/crazy scale.

Tonight's Smallville wasn't what I thought it was going to be. When I first saw the previews of it, I was thinking here is a filler episode with a standalone storyline. I wasn't expecting to see some twists revealed. We saw the return of Lionel Luthor. He was being held captive by a woman who apparently was being put up to it by Lana. He was being held on land that had been purchased by the Luthor's but Lex had no clue of it. I'm assuming that it was Lana that bought it with some of the money that she received. I'm left with all sorts of questions about Lana. Just what is she up to? Is it even really Lana??!! I did like the whole storyline with the comic book fan where he told her that Clark had bigger things that he had to do like saving the world and not wanting her to hold him back from doing it. There was also the cool moment at the end with a sighting of a cape. He had saved the life of an actress and she got him a present upon leaving town. She had been calling him her hero and the gift was a cape. Very cool shot at the end with the cape hanging on the fence as Clark walked inside. Pleasantly surprised by tonight as, like I said, I was expecting a monster of the week type episode.

CBS has canceled their new show Viva Laughlin after just two episodes. The news of this however is good news for all of us Amazing Race fans as the opening left by the show leads to The Amazing Race's season premiere being moved up to November 4th on CBS. The series executive producer sure did hype up this season saying that this would be for sure one of the best seasons of the show. CBS has revealed the cast for this season and head over to for more information.

I checked out the series premiere of Samantha Who? The show opens with Samantha in the hospital and it is revealed that she has amnesia. She obviously doesn't remember anybody or anything so relies on others to help her. What she realizes is that she doesn't like the person that she is learning about. She hasn't spoken to her parents in a couple of years. She has a boyfriend named Todd, but it turns out that she has another lover. She has an alcohol problem. Just pretty much a mean person all around. Samantha continues to try and piece things together wanting to change the person that she was. Todd reveals that they broke up right before her accident but was mad upon learning about the other guy. He also reveals how him and Samantha met which consisted of her stealing his latte that he was waiting for. Several funny moments with Samantha and her mom as her mom is not realizing at all what amnesia is and then the effects of it. I liked the cast in the show as I'm familiar with Christina Applegate, Barry Watson, and Melissa McCarthy. Overall, I enjoyed the pilot and wouldn't mind watching some more episodes of it.

ABC has picked up Pushing Daisies for the rest of the season.

CBS has ordered some more scripts for their new show Moonlight.

Fox has picked up their new show, Back To You, for the rest of the season.

I haven't had a chance to see all of the extras on the Transformers DVD just yet but I thought I'd go ahead and put my original thoughts on the movie in this week's Wrap Up. This is what I typed up after I saw it back in the summer. If you haven't seen it yet, you may want to avoid this as I go into story spoilers. I went into seeing this movie with excitement and nervousness. I say nervous cause I am a very long time Transformers fan and was worried about how this new movie was going to turn out. I just kept thinking "please don't mess this up". I don't really have much of anything to say negative about the movie. I went in with a mentality of "let's just see what happens" and stayed open minded while being very excited. As far as the story goes, I liked it. I liked that they introduced Bumblebee first putting him with Sam. That was always the bond of friendship in the original series and the series really focused on the two of them a lot. I did find it interesting that they kept the Witwicky last name for the family but instead of Spike, they called him Sam. It was odd when they kept the Sparkplug nickname for the dad but changed Spike. Having the Witwicky name though was important for me. I liked the little things such as when Bumblebee was found at the car lot, he was parked next to a yellow bug. Another name change saw that the matrix is now called the spark. The first hour of the movie was really just setting up the movie which I thought was perfectly fine. We didn't see a lot of the Transformers pop up in the movie till halfway. I liked that it built the excitement of when we're going to see them and how. I couldn't have been the only one that just LOVED seeing Optimus pull up in vehicle mode that first time and waiting to see him transform. They did an amazing job with him. I thought everyone's personalities were pretty close such as Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz. One thing that I did notice different in this movie as compared to the original story. It appeared that they could change transformation mode when they wanted at any time. Bumblebee was kind of ridiculed for his look and then he got an image of a new car driving by changing into that. In the original series, they arrived on Earth and the computer scanned for nearby machinery and that was how they formed their transformation mode. From there it was all either being upgraded such as with Unicron or if they were physically changed by repairing them. They weren't able to use such power to do that as they wish. I just took a mental note of it when it happened. Didn't bother me so much though. Megatron obviously didn't transform into a gun like in the original which is COMPLETELY understandable in this day and age. Times have changed since the 80's and you have to have him as something that you can market. Starscream was right on but I'm hoping that there is a deleted scene somewhere with him trying to take over. I did pop for the line of Megatron telling Starscream "you've failed me yet again, Starscream". I loved that!! If you're not familiar with Starscream, he was a decepticon but was always looking for that way to get rid of Megatron so he could be the leader. It ended up being his demise. I thought Starscream looked awesome in the movie especially when he was flying around battling the military planes. The unveiling of Megatron was very cool seeing him deactivated inside. You just really had a feeling of "oh you people are going to pay when he activates". How about us getting a Optimus/Megatron battle at the END of the movie instead of 30 minutes into it like the 1986 movie? I loved the "one shall stand, one shall fall" line that was put in this movie which also was said during their 1986 battle. I did walk into the theatre saying I'd be furious if they kill off Optimus in this movie. They left things wide open at the end where the humans apparently don't know that just dumping decepticons in the water isn't going to finish them. Also, one decepticon escaped. I expect whoever it was to power back up and form an army to come back to get the others. The fans' opinions that I have read think it was Starscream but I didn't get a good look. That would be great cause then he could go and form his own army and be the leader. There was a lot of good comedy in the movie. I wasn't crazy about a lot of the potty humor that they went for at times. I think you can be funny without going that route but that is just me. The scene with the autobots hiding in the back yard was very funny. The Sam and Bumblebee scenes were very funny as well. I really liked the soundtrack. The 1986 movie had a very strong soundtrack and the new movie had a good one as well mixing in some current music. I'd actually like to get the new Transformers soundtrack. Now, I'm probably going to get the question of which movie did I like best? The 2007 movie or the original 1986 movie? You really can't compare the two. They're just two different animals from two different eras. I loved the 1986 animated movie. I loved the 2007 movie. It's also two different eras of movie making. The 1986 movie was the version of Transformers that I grew up with and am obviously going to cherish deeper. The 2007 movie did so much live action that looked amazing. It had a good mix of action, comedy, and the story made sense. I'm not going to pick a favorite between them as it is just unfair cause each one has an advantage. They're just two different animals as I said.

I watched a show last night on Discovery Channel called Storm Chasers. The show is just what you would expect by the name and it looks like it is a series instead of a special from what I can tell but I haven't researched it. Storm chasing is always something that I've been fascinated with and I'll often stop to watch a show that revolves around it. The show follows a group of storm chasers, each with their own role in studying tornadoes. There are some amazing shots that they get of storms in the episode that I watched and they had some very nervous moments for sure. One, they got into a gravel road going toward a storm which left them unable to turn around due to them backing into mud. They had to put the vehicle in reverse to back down the road that way while having to avoid traffic on the road as well. Two, they could not get on the right track to a storm and their day didn't get any better when the computer wouldn't boot up that gave them all their radar information. They obviously couldn't go into the storm without any information. The computer booted up but still gave them problems. The group was watching a storm but the guy with the radar kept giving them opposite information from what they were seeing. After a lot of confusion, it was realized that the outage had caused a phasing problem leading to the computer showing things on the opposite of what they were. For example, the computer was saying that the storm is in the west and the group is watching that storm in the east. I hope to keep watching this show.

I've got to say that Kid Nation is becoming one of my favorite shows.

Jimmy Kimmel has been pulling double duty this week hosting his show and sitting in for Regis Philbin for the week on Live With Regis and Kelly. Jimmy is flying back and forth across the country each day. His day goes something like this. Regis and Kelly in New York in the morning. Then, he flies back to LA after the show and hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live. After that, he hops a plane and flies back to New York to do it all over the next morning. Kelly Ripa actually flew along with Jimmy on Monday to see what it was like. After taping Regis and Kelly, she flew out with Jimmy and then appeared on his show and then the two flew back to New York that night. That is dedication is all I can say. Jimmy Kimmel's last day of doing this back and forth is tomorrow.

I haven't watched Cavemen since the premiere but I decided to tune into it this week when I saw the promo for the episode. Nick is a substitute teacher and gets offended when he sees the school's mascot, a caveman. My first thought was that it could be funny as it goes back to the basics of the cavemen idea from the commercials. It was an all right episode.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 30th.
Angel (Full Series), The Benny Hill Show (Thames Years - 1969-1989), CSI: Miami (Season Five), Everybody Loves Raymond (Full Series), Family Affair (Season Four), Magnum, P.I. (Season Seven), Miami Ink (Season One), My So-Called Life (Complete Series), Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (Volume Twelve), October Road (Season One), The Outer Limits (Volume Three), The Real McCoys (Season Two), Riptide (Season Two), Scrubs (Season Six), Tate (Complete Series).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
A very well behaved tire.

TV Line Of The Week:
From Cavemen:
Principal Collins: "Our caveman mascot is a tradition that dates back to the founding of the school. It's part of our history. No different than say the Duke Blue Devils or the Crimson Tide."
Nick: "Blue devils don't exist and you can't offend the Crimson Tide cause it's an abstract concept. Cavemen do exist cause otherwise you wouldn't have a ****** off one sitting here right now."

That is it for another week. Wishing all of you a happy and safe Halloween!! Take care and God bless!!

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