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September 27, 2007 - Heroes & Smallville Premieres, Kid Nation

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Resident Evil: Extinction - $24 million. 2. Good Luck Chuck - $14 million. 3. The Brave One - $7.4 million. 4. 3:10 To Yuma - $6.3 million. 5. Eastern Promises - $5.7 million. 6. Sydney White - $5.3 million. 7. Mr. Woodcock - $4.9 million. 8. Superbad - $3.1 million. 9. The Bourne Ultimatum - $2.7 million. 10. Dragon Wars - $2.5 million.

This is a new feature that I'm hoping to add each week. Top 20 most watched TV of the week for the week of Sept. 10th through the 16th. 1. Sunday Night Football - 15.3 million viewers. 2. 59th Annual Emmy Awards - 13 million. 3. 60 Minutes - 11.5 million. 4. Two And A Half Men (rerun) - 10 million. 5. Without A Trace (rerun) - 9.5 million. 6. (tie) Big Brother 8 (Thursday episode) - 8.9 million. 6. (tie) CSI: New York (rerun) - 8.9 million. 8. CSI (rerun) - 8.4 million. 9. CSI: Miami (rerun) - 8.3 million. 10. Criminal Minds (rerun) - 8.2 million. 11. Big Brother 8 (Tuesday episode) - 8.1 million. 12. Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - 7.9 million. 13. (tie) The Biggest Loser - 7.8 million. 13. (tie) House (rerun) - 7.8 million. 13. (tie) Power Of 10 - 7.8 million. 16. NCIS (rerun) - 7.7 million. 17. Rules Of Engagement (rerun) - 7.5 million. 18. Cold Case (rerun) - 7.3 million. 19. (tie) Saturday Night Football - 7.1 million. 19. (tie) Big Brother 8 - (Sunday episode) - 7.1 million.

The second season of Heroes kicked off this week and I thought it laid the groundwork nicely for what we'll be seeing in season two. We saw that Claire and her dad have started their new lives in California hoping to lay low and not draw any attention to themselves as they continue to hide. Claire now goes by a new last name of Butler. Her new school showed promise for plenty of high school drama. Instead of showing up the cheerleaders who challenged her while she was sticking up for another girl, she instead chose to back off. She was challenged to do a cheerleading move from a good height and she did do it after everyone left but injured herself. She of course quickly healed just as a guy walked in who she has been talking to. Did he see this? We don't know but we later saw him hovering outside her bedroom window only to take off and fly. Who are these two people that are trying to get to New York? Also, what power does the woman have that left the whole vehicle of people dead? Hiro is still stuck in the past and ended up meeting his hero only to be extremely disappointed with him. We saw Peter at the end of the episode. He still has his powers but has no clue who he is. Parkman is still helping Molly out. She is having nightmares again leading us to believe something bad is coming. We had Angela Petrelli and Nakamura coming together after finding out that they had been targeted for death. Who is it that is coming after them as it appears one of them has already been taken out? Will the other be soon to follow? It looks like Mr. Bennett (or Butler as now he is known) and Mohinder are working undercover to take down "the company".
Some other Heroes notes. Where is Kristen Bell??!! That was my question as I was hoping for her to show up early. TV Guide is saying that she will make her debut on the October 22nd episode. An upcoming TV Guide is set to have Heroes on the cover including Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, and Ali Larter. I think it may be in stores next week. Adrian Pasdar, of Heroes, has signed up on You Tube and is posting some behind the scenes videos of the cast goofing off or doing whatever. If you want to check them out, here is the link:

The new shows have been rolling out this week and the ratings have just kind of been in that middle ground for the most part. Here are some numbers of the series premieres although I've seen some differing ratings numbers but they are all about around this range.
From CBS: Big Bang Theory (3.7), Cane (2.9), Kid Nation (3.1)
From Fox: K-Ville (3.3), Back To You (3.1)
From The CW: Reaper (1.5), Gossip Girl (1.6)
From NBC: Life (4.1), Chuck (3.6), Journeyman (3.7)
From ABC: Dirty Sexy Money (3.6)
Some of these shows have had their second episode already air as Kid Nation, Back To You, and Gossip Girl were all down a bit from their premiere episodes. K-Ville's second episode actually dropped to a 2.3 rating. Bionic Woman and Private Practice started strong with their series premieres last night and they went head to head. Private Practice drew 14.4 million viewers on ABC. Bionic Woman performed well too getting 13.6 million viewers on NBC but also was the highest rated show on Wednesday night in the 18-49 demographic. Variety is saying that the premiere was the highest rated show premiere on NBC in eight years. The demographic numbers are a bit different between the two shows and change that up a bit. All the spinning on demographics tends to get kind of annoying for me. Just give me total viewers. LOL. I would like to point out that Veronica Mars had more viewers with its season premiere last season than Reaper's series premiere this week in the same time slot. Just had to take that little jab at the CW. It will be interesting to follow the ratings for these new shows as time goes along cause its one thing to have an audience for a premiere but completely different to hold that audience from week to week.

The second season of How I Met Your Mother will be released on DVD on Tuesday. The show premiered its third season on Monday night. We get closer and closer to the reveal of who the mother is. She apparently has a yellow umbrella. Just who is this girl? We may soon find out.

SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven't watched Smallville yet, you may want to skip this. Smallville's season premiere aired tonight on The CW. It was really good!! However, it answered some questions but left us with many more. One thing that I'll have to get used to is watching one episode a week now as my fast viewing crash course on the show a few months ago had me watching multiple episodes whenever. You mean I have to wait a week between episodes now? What is up with that??!! LOL!! The phantom was taken care of by Clark after getting advice on finding his weakness. The phantom had already invaded part of Clark's life which saw one pretty funny moment that Clark ended up having to hear about later. I was very happy that Chloe survived but just how did she? She was declared dead but suddenly came back to life in the morgue calling for Clark to save her. How is she alive? We didn't get any answer to that tonight so that is for sure a question yet to be answered. The Supergirl stuff was awesome tonight especially that last scene in the episode. I loved the whole last couple of minutes of the episode with "Sober" by Kelly Clarkson playing. It mixed with the scene very well. Supergirl saved Lex but he thinks it was an angel that saved him to give him the chance to make up for all the bad things that he has done. He turned himself in for Lana's murder but as I expected, she is just fine and living in China hiding out. What will happen with her now? What happened with Lionel as he was dragged off by someone but is he alive? Like I said, questions answered from the season six finale but season seven has started leaving us with more questions.

Tonight's Survivor saw a battle over leadership or should I say a battle over just how they are led. I for sure thought that Dave was a goner. Dave rubbed a lot of people wrong with what he was wanting to do with fixing up camp and rubbed Ashley wrong the most. Ashley and Dave clashed big over the first two episodes and it came to a head tonight. However, it didn't go like I thought. Ashley ends up being voted out. Wow, she gets voted off second after taking off six months of WWE TV. From what I've heard, she won't be returning to WWE TV until the season finale airs. I wonder if that holds true cause with her being voted off so early on.

I watched the premiere of Kid Nation last week on CBS. I thought I'd see what all the talk was about with the show. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the show, it is a bunch of kids put together to start a town back up living like pioneers. There is a total of 40 kids that begin the show. They run it on their own with no adults. The only adult is the host. The kids range in age between 8 and 14. I say 14 cause there is, I believe, only one kid who is 15. I was watching Reality Remix on Fox Reality Channel and they were discussing the show. One of the people on the roundtable discussion said that it was Survivor but with kids. After watching the premiere, I can definitely see the comparison. Even the host and challenges are very Survivor like. I found the show to be interesting. The kids have a four member town council. They are kids as well with the youngest of the council being 10 years old. The council splits the town into four separate sections. Each of them leads one of the four. They are also given the ability to award a gold star to the kid who they feel worked the hardest or made the biggest difference in helping with the town. The gold star? It's worth $20,000!! From what I gather, a kid each week will be awarded this star and the reaction of the kids to finding out this news was pretty funny. Sophia was awarded the first one and then that was when they revealed the news of the worth of $20,000. The kids were given the opportunity after a few days at the first town meeting of being able to go home. One kid named Jimmy, who is 8, took the chance to go home. Everyone tried to talk him out of it but he just said that he is too young for this. No shame at all on him cause I thought he did really good being in that situation and being only 8. At my age, I wouldn't want to do what these kids are doing and am not sure that I COULD do this. I let out a big "GEEZ" when I was watching the show and it was revealed that they would be there for 40 days. That is a long time!! I've been impressed with the kids. I like Laurel who is one of the town council. She seems like a good leader and motivator. Taylor who is one of the town council, who is 10, was close to going home but was all smiles at the town meeting saying that she was committed to staying to get the town up and running. The kids competed in a challenge and then were rewarded with a surprise with all four teams finishing the challenge in under an hour. First, the competition set the concept of how each group would be ranked as far as power and jobs in the town. They get paid for doing jobs and then get to spend the money in various places in the town. The surprise was a choice of the council being able to choose one of the following. The kids only have one outhouse that is shared by 40 kids. One choice was that they would get seven additional outhouses bringing their total to 8. The other choice was a TV. The opinions were back and forth but the council chose on the outhouses which seemed to go over well with everyone. Bottom line on this show. It is interesting. I'll say that at least. I just hope the kids do ok with this as this is quite a challenge. I'm going to watch this show for a little bit and see how it goes.

Maya Rudolph sure made some news this week. News came out last week that Maya Rudolph had signed a new deal with Saturday Night Live. This week came the news that she changed her mind and had decided to not return to the show. TV Guide was saying that it was a "personal, family-based decision". The next day saw news come out that she changed her mind and would be returning to SNL. Wow, what a whirlwind of a week if you are a fan of hers on SNL. I think she is very funny on that show. So, it does appear that she will be back on SNL unless something else happens.

Dancing With The Stars is underway. Model, Josie Maran and her partner Alec Mazo were the first team to be voted off of the show this season.

Some Buffy alum casting news. Kristin over at E Online is reporting that James Marsters, who played Spike, will be returning to make several guest appearances on this season's Smallville. He was excellent on Smallville by the way if you haven't seen him on there. Mercedes McNabb, who played Harmony (what a fun character that Harmony was), is set to guest star this season on Supernatural with the episode airing on November 15th. Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia, is set to guest star on an episode of Fox's new show, Back To You, while she is also set to appear on ABC's new show, Big Shots.

Fox has already canceled their new show, Nashville, after two airings. The show did not do good ratings and could not find an audience. I actually recorded the first episode to see if it was any good but didn't watch it yet cause I know how Fox likes to cancel new shows. Nice to see that I was right. I guess I'll just delete it.

There is talk that The Transformers movie sequel should be in theatres on June 29, 2009. Transformers has already made $700 million worldwide. Don't forget about the DVD release on October 16th. I saw a commercial for the first time tonight advertising the DVD during Smallville. It's crazy that it is already being released but I'm not complaining!! Nothing is going to top it for my favorite movie of 2007.

It looks like we may possibly be seeing Knight Rider return. NBC is set to do a new Knight Rider movie that will air later this season. If it does well, they could turn it into a series. It will see KITT return but get a modernized treatment.

Was anyone watching The Tonight Show tonight with Chuck star, Zachary Levi, going door to door in an apartment complex trying to get people to turn over to his show and watch it? Funny stuff.

The first three seasons of Hogan Knows Best are now available on DVD. The catch to that is that it is a FYE store exclusive so go there to pick it up if you are interested.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 2nd. Criminal Minds (Season 2), Entourage (Season 3 - Part 2), Felix The Cat (Golden Anniversary Edition), Galapagos (Galapagos), How I Met Your Mother (Season 2), I Love New York (Season 1), Jericho (Season 1), Little People, Big World (Season 1), Metalocalypse (Season 1), The Secret World Of Alex Mack (Season 1), Shark (Season 1), Star Trek: The Next Generation (Complete Series).

TV Line Of The Week: Let's see if I can bring this feature back now that there are new episodes of stuff to watch now.
"Someone threw a live snake inside the drive thru at a Taco Bell. Fortunately, the snake was eaten by all the live rats in the kitchen" - Conan O'Brien in his monologue on a show this week.

You Tube Video Of The Week: This is an incredible video that someone taped of an approaching sandstorm in Iraq.

Have a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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