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October 18, 2007 - Star Wars To TV?, Buffy, Veronica Mars, Kid Nation, and More

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Why Did I Get Married? - $21.3 million. 2. The Game Plan - $11 million. 3. We Own The Night - $10.8 million. 4. Michael Clayton - $10.3 million. 5. The Heartbreak Kid - $7.2 million. 6. Elizabeth: Golden Age - $6.1 million. 7. The Kingdom - $4.6 million. 8. Across The Universe - $3.8 million. 9. Resident Evil - $2.6 million. 10. The Seeker - $2.2 million.

I let a big cheer out when the previews were shown for next week's Heroes as Kristen Bell makes her debut on the show. She is one of my favorite actresses and I'm looking forward to seeing her appear on Heroes.

How about the Star Wars news that came out this week? George Lucas has started work on a Star Wars TV series. Lucas had this quote about what the show is going to be about: "The Skywalkers aren't in it, and it's about minor characters. It has nothing to do with Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader or any of those people. It's completely different. But it's a good idea, and it's going to be a lot of fun to do."

Tonight's Smallville saw a guest star that has some history with the Superman legacy for sure as Dean Cain guest starred on the episode. Dean Cain played Dr. Knox who was "curing" people effected by the meteors. This got Chloe interested and she was willing to go through it regardless of the fact that she would lose some of her memories including her forgetting memories of her friends. It didn't help her confidence with her new meteor effects when Jimmy called everyone "meteor freaks". He was beginning to hit it off with Kara though but was she just working an agenda or not? Speaking of agenda, what is Lana's? There is something going on with her for sure and I find it amazing how she is completely all right with the alien life knowledge. Something is going on there. Holy season one, Clark Kent, as we got a monster of the week from season one return for a cameo tonight with the bee girl being a patient of the doctor. We found out that she had been cured but had her memory wiped out so when Chloe confronted her, she had no clue of what harm she had done to them in high school. Don't forget that we have Helen Slater of Supergirl fame guest starring on Smallville in an upcoming episode.

All the Jon Stewart rumors can now go away as Comedy Central has announced that they have signed a new deal with him that keeps him there through 2010.

This news didn't shock to me at all. The CW has canceled its new show, Online Nation. The show was reportedly said to only have 580,000 viewers this past Sunday.

Variety is reporting that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is set to be released in theatres on May 1, 2009. The movie will start shooting soon and it will indeed star Hugh Jackman.

I was hoping to review the pilot of ABC's new show Samantha Who? in this week's Wrap Up but I haven't had time to watch it. Hopefully next week, I'll review it. The show did well in its first outing averaging just over 14 million viewers.

I read issue seven of the Buffy The Vampire Slayer season eight comic and really enjoyed this issue. The Faith storyline has been interesting so far. Faith goes on her mission from Giles to take out Gigi, a slayer who he feels is extremely dangerous. Faith is sent to her birthday party. Faith continues to look back at her past of being a slayer including a flashback to season three of her and Buffy's big battle. Gigi and Faith end up having a conversation which leads to them realizing that they have things in common in life. However, at the end, we realize that Gigi has a target all right and it is a certain other slayer. Most of the issue is seeing things through Faith's thoughts as she continues on her mission. We also have Willow and Dawn having a conversation with Willow trying to help her out as Dawn continues to be a giant. Issue eight hits stores in November.

NCIS jumped up to 17.4 million viewers this week as it is the highest number of viewers for the show this season.

The ratings for Cavemen stayed even with last week. However, the show following it, Carpoolers, lost some more viewers from the previous week.

Kid Nation saw an election take place this week to determine the council members of the town. It's funny cause last week I was talking about how I wondered if there was a way to replace council members. I watch last week's episode and find out that there IS. This week saw an election take place and I've got mixed feelings on it. Town members could only vote for the election of their particular district. Red district saw Guylan decide to run against the current council member, Mike. Guylan won easily to take the council from Mike. I've got to say that I'm surprised especially in the wide vote margin. I don't know much at all about Guylan as he has barely been featured on the show until this week. We'll see what he can do in charge. I did feel bad for Mike cause I really feel like he has tried hard although has made some unpopular decisions. Green district had Laurel remain on the council unopposed as her district was happy with the job that she has done. Totally agree. She has been the best council member in my opinion anyway. She has just been a good leader since day one. Moving on to the blue district. I've got to say that I'm surprised to see how the voting turned out here. Anjay had Olivia run against him as she tried to get on to the council. I've never really been able to figure out Anjay on whether I think he has been a good leader or not. He's just kind of in that middle ground for me. However, I really thought that Olivia would get on to the council but it didn't happen. Anjay stays on the council. On to the yellow district. This was the race that I had my eyes on. Zach, who has been a strong person for his district and for the town in general, stepped up and challenged Taylor for leadership of the yellow district. I immediately thought that Taylor was done cause she has made just about everyone in the town mad with her attitude but then I started having doubts when I saw that her friends were lining up to vote for her. Zach pulls it out by one vote and he takes out Taylor to step into the council seat. So, our new council is two returning members and two new members. We have Laurel, Zach, Guylan, and Anjay. The wild card to me is Guylan just cause I haven't seen enough of him to know what his personality is like. He's very confident in stepping up there though and he must have done something right to get as many votes as he did. Greg received the gold star and it was a nice moment where he talked about how that meant that he will now be going to college. Good for him. We'll see how things play out with the new council but this was a very entertaining episode on Wednesday night. Things look interesting for next week's episode as well.

Veronica Mars fans, don't forget that season three is released on DVD this Tuesday. The DVD set is going to include a feature based on the show's creator, Rob Thomas, pitching an idea for season four to the CW which would have seen Veronica joining the FBI. I am looking forward to seeing how it was pitched. Other things that I've read that will be included are deleted scenes and a blooper reel. I really miss not having Veronica Mars in this new fall TV season but it is going to be really nice to have Kristen Bell back on TV next week when she joins Heroes.

Was anyone watching Conan O'Brien earlier this week when a fire alarm interrupted the taping of his show? It turned out to be a false alarm. The show continued to be interrupted by a voice over the PA giving details of the false alarm to the building. The worst of it happened during one of his own segments but he did get interrupted in the next segment as it messed up the interview that he had with an actress. If you didn't see any of this, look at the You Tube Video Of The Week later in the Wrap Up as NBC has posted video of the show.

I'll have thoughts on the new Transformers movie DVD in next week's Wrap Up.

I watched quite a bit of the Little People Big World marathon over the weekend but have yet to see the new episodes that premiered on Monday night. I really enjoyed quite a few of the episodes that I saw including the redesigning of the kids' bedrooms, the visit to the amusement park place that they went to, and plenty more.

I'm working on getting caught up on some TV. I thought the San Francisco earthquake episode of Journeyman was good. I haven't had the chance to watch the episodes after that.

It looks like Private Practice, Big Bang Theory, and The Unit have been picked up for the entire season. I'm happy obviously about Big Bang Theory as that is the one of the three that I watch although I wasn't crazy about this week's episode.

The DVR numbers are out from Nielsen for premiere week. Shows that saw a good jump in their viewers with the DVR numbers added in were Grey's Anatomy, The Office, Heroes, Smallville, Two and a Half Men, Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Back To You, and Journeyman. Let's see how the DVR numbers affect week two of the fall TV season.

I just realized that the 80's-90's sitcom Perfect Strangers is playing on the ION Network. I loved watching that show when it was on ABC back in the day. It appears to be running Monday through Thursday nights on ION.

Gamespot has news on some changes upcoming for the Sony Playstation 3 including a price change and new model. Here is the link to check it out.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, October 23rd.
American Gangster (Season One), The Adventures Of Aquaman (Full Series), I Love Lucy (Full Series), The L Word (Season Four), Mind Of Mencia (Season Three), NCIS (Season Four), Route 66 (Season One - Volume One), The Sopranos (Season Six - Part Two), The Super Powers Team (Full Series), Tales From The Crypt (Season Seven), Veronica Mars (Season Three), Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (Season Three - Volume Two), The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (Volume One).

You Tube Video Of The Week:
Conan's show gets interrupted by a false alarm.

TV Line Of The Week:
From: How I Met Your Mother. Barney (wearing an eye patch) tells of his latest plan to pick up women. He tells Ted of how they'll have a story of how they save a baby in the park from six cobras and how he strangled them with his bare hands.
Ted: "So, what are the eye patches for?"
Barney: "We got bit"
Ted: "On the eye?"
Barney: "Yes"
Ted: "Both of us?"
Barney: "They're different eyes. I don't see why this bugs you. PATCH UP!!"

That's it for this week. Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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