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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 11, 2008 - BB10 Final Two Is Set, Smallville DVD, 90210, & More

The final two is set on Big Brother with the finale airing on Tuesday night. Here is how everything played out since last week. Renny was voted out of the house. Dan won HOH and the houseguests returned to the living room to find a sumo wrestler. The language translation of what he was saying talked of the information that he was sitting on. Dan figured out that there was an envelope underneath him and grabbed the envelope quickly when the wrestler stood up. I watched this play out on the feeds and the mystery of the wrestler was solved in about ten minutes. Dan read the letter in the envelope that discussed a luxury challenge that could effect the game and involved a trip out of the house. The challenge involved a series of clues outside in the yard where they formed a phrase. However, not all of the clues were legit so you had to wait and see which ones were eliminated. Each houseguest was given three chances to name a phrase. You would ring the bell in the backyard and then go to the diary room to give your guess. There were some very funny guesses including Memphis with “fruitless exit” and Keesha’s answer as well. Jerry used all three of his chances way too early. There was a gorilla in the backyard messing with them which turned out to be Jessie. They did figure out that it was him when he made the noise that he was known for making in the house as he walked out of there. The look on the houseguests’ faces were hilarious when they put it together that it had been Jessie out there the whole time. Dan made one guess and after over two and a half hours guessed “bury the hatchet” which was the right phrase to match the clues. Dan won and was given the option of taking one of his houseguests or someone from the jury house. Dan chose to take Michelle from the jury house to try and help his cause on getting jury votes. Dan did not tell the house that he was taking Michelle. He told them that he had the option of taking a houseguest but chose to just go by himself to eliminate any drama that might happen with choosing one over the other. Nominations took place and Dan nominated Jerry and Memphis. Memphis thought the best way to protect their alliance would be to have himself nominated. Well, it fooled Jerry and Keesha for the time being. Dan went on his luxury competition by helicopter to a private beach. Michelle arrived not knowing who had chosen her. She was surprised and they had a nice time. They talked a lot of game and she did think that being picked for this was likely a plea for a vote. Dan did tell her that he didn’t tell the house about taking her to the luxury challenge. Next was the veto competition. Dan had it won but needed Memphis to win. So, he kept taking his time allowing Memphis to get the win so that he could be the one to evict Keesha. Keesha finally figured out that she was going to get voted out and questioned Dan and Memphis on it. They wouldn’t answer her though but Memphis later went to her saying “sorry” but never actually said that he was voting her out. Keesha was very upset and crying obviously and Dan went to talk to her. He put all of the blame on Memphis saying that he was working him to change his mind and vote out Jerry. It really has been amazing with how Dan has been able to deflect the blame to others and also how Memphis has accepted it. Memphis used the veto on himself and Keesha was put up as the replacement against Jerry. Memphis had the only vote and he voted out Keesha. Dan whispered to Keesha on the way out revealing to her that he took Michelle on the luxury win. Dan and Memphis then played up that Dan was mad over the Keesha eviction to fool Jerry. The three part HOH began with part one on Tuesday night. The three had to balance on an airplane (no, not a real one LOL) above the backyard. It was endurance and it was no surprise when Jerry was out first. The plan was for Memphis to throw part one to Dan and he did. They had to make it look convincing though to Jerry including Dan talking trash to Memphis. Part two was between Jerry and Memphis which involved them having to name the HOH and nominees for every week of the season. Memphis finished in 8:35 while Jerry finished in 51:22. Wow, the beating was just as bad as it sounded on the live feeds. That brought us to tonight’s live show. Part three was held tonight with Dan and Memphis answering questions on how they thought jury members would finish certain statements. Dan won four points to two points and is the final HOH. He evicts Jerry which means that Dan and Memphis are the final two.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Well, we didn’t get to see Renny’s entrance into the jury house but we did get to see Keesha’s. She was met with a cold reaction except for Renny. Funny when Michelle mentioned how she knew something that Keesha didn’t but then Keesha told her she knew about the trip. Keesha and Michelle both said how great of a player Dan was so I think he has their votes locked up. April was hoping for Jerry to make it to the final two so she could vote for him cause of the way the others played the game. Did I somehow miss when April was the only one that played an honest game in the house? That is really what you get out of listening to her jury house interviews. I’ll go ahead and give my overall thoughts on how the final episode will go. Dan is going to win. Jerry is still saying that he is the swing vote in the jury even in his exit interview. There are some people that are going to vote personal but I wonder what Ollie and April are going to do with only having a choice between Dan and Memphis. Dan has played the best game. He’s had others do damage for him in the house and kept his hands cleaner in the eyes of the jury. He’s won challenges when he had to and made some big plays. He has definitely played the best game this season and, if he wins, it will be nice to see a strong player win it cause that obviously doesn’t always happen. I watched last night’s Real Player chat with BB10’s Brian and Steven. This was great stuff and a lot of laughs. It would have been nice to see both of them stay in the house longer. They were hilarious. They also set the highest number for a Real Player chat. They had joked with Angie about how they needed her to put them over the top with the highest chat. She wasn’t able to make it and they said they were going to blame her if they didn’t get it. When they got the news, they looked into the camera saying forget Angie, we didn’t need her anyway. It was funny. A definite advantage having their chat taking place while the season is still ongoing to get the highest chat. I also listened to Angie on a blog talk radio show tonight with her talking to fans which was fun as well.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: There isn’t much to miss at this point in the game as the feeds usually slow down. Sunday was very slow on the feeds especially with Dan gone on the luxury win. Memphis joked later saying that it was just him that was up while Keesha and Jerry slept. Dan and Memphis talked later that night where they discussed how boring the feeds must be right now. Memphis said that it must be like watching paint dry and pointed out how easy it must have been to recap the live feeds earlier in the day with no one talking “for five hours”. Monday night had Keesha finding out that she was going home. She had a cussing rant to Dan where she just voiced all her frustrations in the HOH.

I picked up season seven of Smallville this week. I’ve gotten a chance to watch the extras. I’m a big fan of deleted scenes and there are several scattered across this set. I liked several of the scenes that were cut and there were some where you could definitely tell why they were cut especially for time. There are a couple of very fun featurettes. One is on the history of Supergirl giving perspective on the evolution of the character from her introduction. The other involves the character of Jimmy Olsen. Some of the actors that have played Jimmy Olsen got together to discuss the character. Jack Larson, Sam Huntington, Marc McClure, and Aaron Ashmore got together for a roundtable discussion talking about experiences in playing the character and telling stories. I really enjoyed this and it goes for just about 25 minutes.

Speaking of Smallville, season eight premieres one week from tonight on The CW. Very excited.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Bangkok Dangerous - $7.7 million. 2. Tropic Thunder - $7.2 million. 3. The Dark Knight - $5.5 million. 4. The House Bunny - $5.5 million. 5. Traitor - $4.2 million. 6. Babylon A.D. - $4.1 million. 7. Death Race - $3.7 million. 8. Disaster Movie - $3 million. 9. Mamma Mia - $2.8 million. 10. Pineapple Express - $2.2 million.

I think it is safe to say that I’m officially hooked on the new 90210. I liked the premiere and I thought this week’s episode was fun. The story was predictable but I didn’t mind. The episode revolved around the attempt at family night by Harry and Debbie. It was a tradition of the Wilson’s before they got to Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon reluctantly agree but start their own spin on how to make the night more enjoyable. Annie gets asked out by Ty while Dixon gets asked by Navid to join him and the guys in an exclusive movie premiere. The plan for both of them is to have the others show up at the bowling alley to see if they can bail early. This was the perfect opportunity to blend in another storyline. That would be Silver. Silver gets asked by Dixon if she would like to join them and she agrees. Silver ends up enjoying it the most which makes complete sense based on the fact that she isn’t even staying at home due to her mom’s alcohol problems. It is revealed that she has been staying at a women’s shelter whenever there is room for her. She is trying anyway possible to avoid home. Family night was her seeing the family life that she wanted and getting a taste of it. While Annie and Dixon are ready to get out of there, Debbie points out that Silver is having the most fun out of all of them. The family all arrives back at home and Silver is set to leave. She is caught by Dixon a little bit later sleeping in her car outside of the house cause she doesn’t want to go home. Dixon and Silver bond over their family situations where he talks of how bad things were before he was adopted by the Wilsons. They reveal to Harry what has been going on and then he talks to Kelly. Kelly confronts Jackie who is very much off of her rocker. It appears that Jackie doesn’t even know where Silver is most of the time and doesn’t bother to check. Silver does arrive and gets caught in the middle of the argument. Kelly says that she isn’t going to let Silver have to deal with what she dealt with in her childhood. Kelly pulls Silver out of there saying that she is moving in with her and her son for the time being. Annie and Dixon did make good with their parents after being allowed to leave bowling early and make breakfast for them at the end of the episode. Other happenings on the show had Kelly and Ryan going out on a date. We got more details on the father of Kelly’s baby as she said that they went to high school together, didn’t see each other for a while, and then got together again. Now, the father wants back in his son’s life. It was funny that Jennie Garth recently said in an interview that she thought the father would be whichever original cast member decided to come back first. Ha ha. Naomi also caught her dad cheating on her mom. It turns out that her mom already knew when Naomi tells her. It had been going on for two years and she even knew the woman’s name but wasn’t about to break up their family. Ethan comforts Naomi but there was still more chemistry between Annie and Ethan in the episode. I think that mostly covers the happenings. Like I said, the show is very paint by number at times but I don’t mind that. I enjoyed the family dynamic of the family night and how it tied together all the happenings on the show. The Silver character was put in a perfect situation in that episode where she sees what she wants to have with the family life and gets that reality for a little while.

The ratings for the second episode of 90210 were down from the premiere which is expected. More people are always going to tune in for a premiere than the following week. Well, most of the time anyway. The show did drop to 3.3 million viewers compared to last week’s 4.7 million.

The new JJ Abrams show, Fringe, premiered on Tuesday with a 5.9 rating for Fox. The show kept the same rating for both hours of the premiere which I thought was interesting. It showed that they didn’t build or lose any of the audience throughout the two hours. America’s Got Talent had the highest rating for the night.

Dollhouse is taking a break from production. The reasoning appears to be that Joss Whedon is taking time to catch up on some script writing. Production will resume near the end of the month.

NBC programming has returned to iTunes. The two clashed over the pricing of the shows last year seeing the two part ways. NBC wanted the price of episodes raised but Apple wouldn’t budge. Now, episodes of NBC Universal shows still run $1.99 for standard definition but now have a HD version available for $2.99 for those interested. Select older NBC programming will be available for $0.99.

TBS has renewed The Bill Engvall Show for another season that will air next summer.

Don’t forget about the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this Saturday night on NBC with Michael Phelps hosting the show. Will we see some SNL alum returning to play the parts for election segments? We’ll have to wait and see.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 16th. Chuck (Season One), Criminal Minds (Season Three), Duckman (Seasons One and Two), Father Knows Best (Volume One), Inside The Actors Studio (Robin Williams), Private Practice (Season One), Pushing Daisies (Season One), Torchwood (1st and 2nd Series), Will & Grace (Season Eight & Full Series).

You Tube Video Of The Week: A fan edited update of the Gremlins 2 scene where the Gremlins take over the movie reel. This is very impressive editing.

Have a great and safe weekend!! Sending prayers down to the south as the hurricane approaches!! Take care and God bless!!

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