Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Brother 10 - HOH Competition - Part 2 - September 10, 2008

5:30pm Update - The live feeds have been cut off so it appears that part two of the final HOH competition is underway in the Big Brother house. Part two will be between Memphis and Jerry with the winner taking on Dan in part three. I'll post the results when the live feeds return.

7:30pm Update - We still have no live feeds. Surely the competition has to be over by now??!!

7:50pm Update - I've got to think that every Big Brother live feed viewer just did the same thing that I did and that was jump up toward the computer when the feeds finally returned. They were off for around three hours. Memphis has won part two. He will face off with Dan in part three which should be during tomorrow night's live show. Jerry, Dan, and Memphis are sitting in the kitchen talking about the competition so we're only getting bits and pieces of the competition details. It apparently involved answering questions about the season and Jerry just said something that it took him 51 minutes to complete it??!! Wow!! I haven't heard Memphis's time yet but surely it was a lot better than that to win it.

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