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Thoughts On The Heroes Season Three Premiere - September 22, 2008

NBC's Countdown To The Premiere Of
Save the cheerleader, save the world. Yeah, that was season one and there was no saving the cheerleader tonight. Heroes premiered its third season tonight on NBC with a three hour night. What a great night of episodes!! I loved it!! The show was really doing a great job in making me think things out. The first hour had the premiere party along with recaps of the show and previews of stuff to come tonight. I don’t know about you but I turned away when they showed sneak peeks of the episodes tonight. I didn’t want to know anything. The present and future took center stage in this next chapter of Heroes. They are definitely blurring the lines of sides with the new heroes vs. villains story. Who is on the good side and who is on the bad? Is there even a good side and bad side? So, I’ll run through the happenings of the show. We had the cliffhanger of who shot Nathan Petrelli. Well, it turns out that Peter was the one to pull the trigger. How can that be since he was standing right next to him when it happened? Well, it was a Peter from the future saying that things got worse when Nathan revealed their powers to the world. Peter had to go back and stop it from happening and shooting him was the way for him to do it. We also got a vision of the future where Claire was trying to kill Peter before he went back in time. Peter comes back and Nathan survives the shooting with a familiar face from the past returning as Linderman is back but only Nathan can see him. What about the current Peter and Parkman? Future Peter put the present Peter in the body of a character that me being as a Veronica Mars fan loved to see. No, he isn’t in Elle’s body. Another Veronica Mars character. Francis Capra (known as Weevil on Veronica Mars) is guest starring on the show as Jesse who is one of the level five villains. How great was it to see Kristen Bell and Francis Capra in a scene together again? LOVED IT!! Parkman ends up exiled to Africa where he is found by a native there who knows who he is. How scary was Sylar tonight??!! That stuff with Claire in the house was just creepy. He ends up locking Claire in the house and takes her power of invincibility. Wow, an invincible Sylar isn’t going to be good for anybody. He actually talks to her while he is finding the power in her brain discussing how powerful that she is. I started thinking about the save the cheerleader stuff from season one where it was said that Syler had killed Claire. However, he got her power tonight and she remained alive. He made it clear that he couldn’t kill her if he wanted to. I’m wondering how those two things tie together. She survives and heals up but now has a twist with her power. She can’t feel anything now where as she could at least feel the pain of it before. This sends her back to testing her limits once again including her stepping in front of a train. She is pulled out of there by future Peter who tries to tell her what is going on but is afraid to reveal too much due to him already changing too much of the future as is. Where is HRG? Well, he has his own problems. He is still trapped in The Company. Sylar shows up and kills Bob. Elle finds her dad killed and goes to free HRG needing his help. He shoots Sylar but then Sylar reveals his new power that he got from HRG’s daughter. Elle ends up in battle with Sylar but she ends up on the bad end of it. He tries to take her power but it results in a major electrical explosion. Sylar is knocked out and ends up being kept inside The Company. However, the explosion frees some very dangerous criminals being held in level five. One of which is the present day Peter trapped in Jesse’s body. Angela Petrelli takes over for The Company and tells Elle that she is no longer needed there. Angela said that the only reason that they let her work there up till that point was because of her dad and now she had to find her own new life. Hiro and Ando have their own issues in Japan. Hiro has taken over his dad’s company. His dad left a message for him to protect a formula secret and to make sure it didn’t get in the wrong hands as it would do major damage. Things go bad when Hiro encounters a woman that has major super speed who takes the formula. Hiro goes into the future to see what might happen and sees Ando killing him in the future with the formula in the balance. Ando also had abilities of his own which makes me think that he encounters what Suresh came up with. What is this about Suresh? Well, he has figured out a way to inject abilities into anyone. Maya was looking for help to get rid of her abilities but Suresh ended up finding a way to gain them. It worked great for Suresh for a little bit but by the end of the episode, things were starting to backfire. We now have Niki, another personality, or someone that looks like Niki as Tracy who is working with the governor. The governor and her decided to offer Nathan the job of junior senator of New York after Nathan’s amazing recovery from the shooting. Nathan talked about seeing God and how God had given him another chance. They are looking at that as a way for political gain. What is to come this season? Well, it looks like it will all be about changing things for the best kind of future possible. We still have Angela Petrelli having very bad dreams about the future. She also said something about being Sylar’s mother at the end of the episode. What is Peter’s agenda from the future and what has happened there to make things so bad? The abilities deal of Suresh’s may end up being a reverse kind of situation of the virus. Things were going to get bad with the virus being spread and maybe things are set to get bad cause of too many people having abilities. Whatever it is, I am very exciting. That was great television to watch tonight and the time flew by. Looking forward to next week where we’ll hopefully learn more!!

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