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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 18, 2008 - BB10 Winner, Smallville Season Premiere, Knight Rider, Season Premiere Previews, & More

Fall TV season is underway!! I'm very ready for it.

Big Brother 10 wrapped up on Tuesday night with its season finale. Dan vs. Memphis in the final two. The jury was shown at the beginning of the episode meeting to discuss Dan and Memphis. Jerry was shown arriving to the jury and got a mostly cold reaction. The discussion was basically what it always is and that was whether they were going to vote personal feelings or vote for game play. It was funny to hear Renny and Jerry go at it. They all talked about how they had been played by Dan and Memphis with Jerry pointing out that trying to defeat both of them was not able to be done. Michelle mentioned how her getting backdoored was the best move cause she was going after Dan. I thought Libra had the most logical thought of any of them when she said that lying is part of the game and Dan played it. She seemed to have the best attitude of any of them looking to reward game play. Jerry did find out about Dan taking Michelle on the trip while sitting in on the jury discussion. Best line though was Jerry asking “are we all that gullible?” and Libra answering with “apparently so, we’re sitting here”. The jury then got to question the final two which is always interesting to watch. Memphis found out about Michelle and the trip during the questioning. Michelle also revealed her alliance to Memphis which was news to Dan. Renny really stumped Memphis when he was asked to name what he had done in this game. Funny moment when Jerry told Dan how much he had always respected him. Umm, when did I miss that?? That was kind of bizarre. I thought Dan did the best out of the jury questioning. He was slick with his answers and answered everything that the jury threw at him. Memphis seemed really uncomfortable not knowing how to answer. The votes were cast and for the first time in Big Brother history, it was a shutout. Dan got all seven jury votes to win Big Brother 10. I was surprised at that as I was sure that April would vote for Memphis and possibly Ollie would as well. One thing that I was really looking forward to was the reunion. The finale really needs to be at least ninety minutes every year so it isn’t so rushed. We need longer reunion time. With the shows that Brian, Angie, and Steven have been doing, I was really curious to hear what they would stir up. They did call some things out but not as much as I was hoping to hear. The houseguests had it revealed about Dan being America’s Player for one week. That also showed them that the big turn in the game that week was America’s vote. Big Brother also gave away $25,000 to a jury member with the fans voting for who should get it. Second place went to Jerry but the money winner was Keesha. My first thought when it happened was how I bet April is steaming mad. So, there you have it. Dan wins Big Brother 10. I’m very satisfied with who won. There was no doubt in my mind that he should win over Memphis. Dan made a lot of big moves in the game. He was almost out of it immediately after being aligned with Brian. He worked a lot of people over and won challenges when he needed to. He was even getting people to make moves for him near the end of the game. Congrats to Dan on his win and it was a fun season. It was nice to not have a major twist this season and go back to having strangers in the house.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: Not much. With the game being over, Dan and Memphis did spill information to each other about happenings that the other may have missed. They had a good time in the house just hanging out. They played a lot of games whether it be cards, chess, or beer pong. At one point, they had a series of games going against each other. Big Brother gave them some remote control cars at one point as well that they drove around the house. It was nice to see them have some relaxation at the end of the game.

What Has Happened Since The Finale: It is always interesting to watch the interviews with the cast members after the show. You can’t wait for the cast to learn of things that they didn’t know about in the house. Dick interviewed the cast afterwards on Real Player. He interviewed Dan, Renny, Ollie, and April. The cast has been doing a lot of press so you can pretty much find interviews all over the place.

Season eight of Smallville premiered tonight. I was excited to see where the show would be going with the off season changes and the possibilities are fun. Changes are in place whether it be the characters themselves or where the story is going. Clark and Lex were both missing with each being looked for by their friends and people. Chloe has went through some changes as well. It turns out that she wasn’t arrested by the department of security but instead taken by Lex’s people to help track her friends. Chloe has developed a super speed type IQ power now. Luthor Corp used her ability to help track Green Arrow and the gang but when Chloe figured out what was going on, she was hit by something straight out of gender. Her mom’s ability to persuade people was taken from her mom by Luthor Corp and used against Chloe and later Green Arrow to get what they wanted. Green Arrow leading the charge to find Clark was fun especially when the two finally came into contact. So, the way that Jor El figured out that he could control Clark was to take his powers away. Speaking of no powers, Clark is already in a world of hurting without them. During the break in to save Chloe, Green Arrow was hit with the persuasion juice to help find Lex. He ended up shooting Clark with two arrows with the second one being Clark’s demise. Green Arrow finally snapped out of it but the damage was done and Chloe’s healing powers weren’t working either. The Martian showed up and flew him out of there to the sun. The sun healed Clark but the sun has the opposite effect on the Martian. He was given the duty to be a guardian for Clark by Jor El but not to get involved. He decided that he couldn’t just watch him die but pointed out that due to the effect of the sun on him that this would be a one time only save. Tess has already debuted big on the show taking over Luthor Corp for Lex. She looks like a major force to deal with. Clark’s news on working at The Daily Planet was fun with how it was done and he and Lois working side by side should be very good entertainment. Chloe said yes to Jimmy on the proposal although he was ready to back off at the moment after what all had happened. The episode left us with a lot of questions. What happened to Lex? They made sure to let us know that there were no human remains found in the area of his disappearance. What was up with Chloe not being able to heal Clark? Allison has been talking about the evolution of Chloe’s powers and we’re definitely seeing that with the speed IQ deal. How will Clark get his powers back and where does he go to do it? I really liked the speech at the end by Clark where he talked of putting his old life behind him and searching for a new one. That backs up what has been said about the show and that it isn’t going to focus on Smallville as much but instead be set in other locations. It is a way of expanding the story on to the next level. I knew that the opening of the show would look very different due to the casting changes and it for sure was. Fittingly so, Allison Mack has been moved up to number two seen on the opening. Nice to see Justin Hartley finally added to the credits as well. Season eight is underway and it’s very exciting to have Smallville back.

Is Monday here yet? Is it time for Heroes to return??!! Almost!!! The near one year long wait for new episodes of Heroes ends on Monday night. Heroes will have all of NBC on Monday night with a countdown episode airing at 7pm central time followed by back to back episodes running from 8-10pm. I can’t wait for the show to come back. Just the Heroes music gets me all pumped up hearing it on the promos. I really should think about buying the soundtrack cause the music on the show really is incredible. The season premiere was shown at Comic Con and was received with rave reviews. 

This week's 90210 saw the major revelation that we had been waiting for. Who is the father of Kelly's son? The obvious answers had to be either Dylan or Brandon. A conversation between Brenda and Kelly had the revelation that Dylan is the father. It has been talked about previously that Dylan is trying to get back into his son's life. Other happenings on the show had Dixon beginning to work at the Peach Pit. Nat talked of a great kid that he took a chance on and hired from West Beverly many years ago obviously referring to Brandon. Dixon and Silver continued to get closer with talk of a date starting up. Silver decided to try and put the past behind her with Naomi. Naomi is going through the same thing with her parents that Silver went through and then Naomi had proceeded to spread the news all over school. Naomi confronted the woman having an affair with her father. She also found out that the woman was moving into Naomi's beach house which took Naomi and her mom by surprise. The musical that Annie is involved with got a new director, well, actually two. Annie's grandmother took over the play and drove everyone nuts. To no surprise for anyone following 90210 casting news, Brenda got the job of taking over the project in directing the musical. Annie also had the love triangle deal going on with Ethan and Ty. Ethan and Naomi started to grow back closer. Annie had pretty well chosen Ethan over Ty but then got nowhere. She was back with Ty at the end of the episode. Silver becomes my favorite character more and more every week. That character has so many possibilities of story ideas. Naomi is interesting with how they are playing her up. It already has the early Kelly Taylor twist on it where she's not likable in the beginning but then we learn more of her backstory and we see the turn. I'm thinking that they are already in the process of doing that with Naomi. Have I mentioned that I am completely hooked on this show? That sound you might hear is the show rocketing upwards every week on my favorite shows list. Ha ha.

Despite his character being named as the father of Kelly's kid, Luke Perry said in a conference call earlier this week that he still had no interest in appearing on 90210.

Survivor premieres one week from tonight on CBS.

My favorite current comedy, The Big Bang Theory, returns for its second season on Monday, September 22nd at 7pm central time on CBS. We got left with the Leonard/Penny cliffhanger last season and the preview for Monday’s episode sounds very funny. 

Also returning on CBS on Monday night is How I Met Your Mother with the season four premiere. Wow, is it already season four??!! I’m looking forward to seeing where they go with the story this season. Check out the show on Monday, September 22nd at 7:30pm central time.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Burn After Reading - $19.1 million. 2. Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys - $17.3 million. 3. Righteous Kill - $16.2 million. 4. The Women - $10.1 million. 5. Tropic Thunder - $4.18 million. 6. The House Bunny - $4.15 million. 7. The Dark Knight - $4.12 million. 8. Bangkok Dangerous - $2.5 million. 9. Traitor - $2.1 million. 10. Death Race - $2 million.

I watched the first episode of Knight Rider last night. I'm definitely looking to take advantage of any offerings of shows that are available for viewing before they premiere on the networks. Knight Rider was the one last night for me. Enjoyable first episode. The episode continues the story from the recent TV movie. The episode jumps right into the action which I’m sure will be very common for the show. I don’t want to go too much into details so I don’t spoil it. The episode gives us more questions abut Mike’s background and what has happened in his past. KITT has seen some major upgrades and if you love KITT, you’ll get plenty of him. KITT sees plenty of action while showing off those upgrades. I like the talk in the story about how they let KITT learn on his own at times. That plays into the first episode. Anyway, if you’re a fan of the original or just like action shows, give Knight Rider a shot to see what you think. I enjoyed the first episode. Knight Rider premieres on NBC on Wednesday, September 24th at 7pm central time.

I tried to watch the first episode of Fringe. I watched the first few minutes of the show online and just thought, yeah, this just doesn't seem like my kind of show. It may be a great show but it just isn't my kind of thing based on initial impressions.

The Live With Regis and Kelly - Relly Awards winners will be announced next week on the show. The Relly Awards are fun every year so it will be fun to see what kind of surprises are in store this year.

My Name Is Earl returns for its 4th season on Thursday, September 25th at 7pm central time on NBC. It will be a one hour premiere that includes guest star, Seth Green. Here is a clip of Seth Green discussing his experience on the show.
For a sneak peek at the season premiere, check out this video:

I have to say that I knew that was Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live but she looked so convincing that I kept having to do double takes to assure myself that it wasn’t really Palin.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 23rd. Boston Legal (Season Four), Brothers & Sisters (Season Two), C.S.I.: NY (Season Four), Peanuts and Charlie Brown Specials (Holiday Collection), Friday The 13th: The Series (Season One), iCarly (Season One - Volume One), My Name Is Earl (Season Three), Samantha Who? (Season One), This American Life (Season One), Two and a Half Men (Season Four).

You Tube Video Of The Week: Home Made Olympics

Wishing everyone a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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