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The Entertainment Wrap Up - September 4, 2008 - 90210, BB10 Final Four, Smallville Season Seven DVD, Online TV, & More

I want to send my thoughts and prayers to everyone dealing with Hurricane Gustav last week and to those that are in the path of the two new hurricanes as well.

90210 brought some good ratings numbers to The CW on Tuesday night with the premiere. The show had the top 18-49 demographic numbers of the night giving The CW the win in that for, from what I understand, the first time in the network’s history. An average of just about 5 million viewers tuned into the premiere. The show did not approach the number of viewers from the last season of the original 90210 in 1999-2000 but there is a big difference between the size of the audience between Fox and The CW. The CW had better hope that 90210 and Gossip Girl deliver cause that seems to be the only shows that the network is pushing in their season promotional stuff. Would it kill the network to promote one of their highest rated shows, Smallville, a little more?

It was very nice to see the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly with Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty on the cover. Inside was a very good interview where they discuss their history along with discussing 90210 of the past and present. If you’re a fan of 90210, I highly recommend reading the interview as I really enjoyed it.

Hulu will be premiering some episodes of shows before they air on TV. Chuck, Life, 30 Rock, Lipstick Jungle, and Knight Rider will have their first episodes of the season available on Hulu a week before they air.

Season seven of Smallville is released on DVD on Tuesday. It includes twenty episodes and plenty of extras. There are featurettes including one on Supergirl and the other being on Jimmy Olsen. The Smallville Legends Mobisodes will be included that were advertised throughout the season on TV and focus on Kara. Commentaries on episodes with Executive Producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar while also having cast members including John Glover and Justin Hartley. Deleted scenes will also be included.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago about Dr. Horrible. The soundtrack is now available exclusively on iTunes. In its first day of release, the soundtrack ranked at number two on iTunes downloaded albums chart. How long till I buy that? Also, you can buy Dr. Horrible gear at this link:

If you’re a Lost fan, this is something that will be fun. Lost 2.0 begins airing on G4 on September 15th. They are airing all the episodes starting at the very beginning. The 2.0 twist is that there will be on-screen facts throughout the episode along with creator commentaries. Very cool idea to get fans to watch the episodes again. I’m definitely up for checking it out.

Movie box office numbers for last weekend. 1. Tropic Thunder - $14.6 million. 2. Babylon A.D. - $11.5 million. 3. The Dark Knight - $11.1 million. 4. The House Bunny - $10.1 million. 5. Traitor - $10 million. 6. Death Race - $7.8 million. 7. Disaster Movie - $6.9 million. 8. Mamma Mia - $5.4 million. 9. Pineapple Express - $4.4 million. 10. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - $3.7 million.

Day 59 in the Big Brother house and we have our final four. It is down to Dan, Keesha, Memphis, and Jerry. What happened to get us to the final four? Well, the show left off last week with the Big Brother Fast Forward with Ollie being evicted. The HOH competition took place later that night and the alliance of four got their game messed up when Jerry won HOH. Who wasn’t surprised when he won HOH? Before the HOH, Jerry told the houseguests to at least just talk to him and not cut him off knowing that he was the loner against the group. Memphis commented after Jerry won HOH that it was time to pucker up to the new HOH. Jerry then mentioned that you become very popular when you win HOH. Jerry told Memphis that he wanted a final two deal with him. Memphis agreed but it should be pointed out that Memphis had a final two deal with everyone except Renny. Ha ha. Jerry asked him to not use the veto if he won it. Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha for eviction. Jerry told Keesha that she was not the target for the week. Even with not being on the block, Renny was not feeling safe at all and had an idea that something was going on. There was something going on and that was a plan by Dan and Memphis for Memphis to win the veto and take Dan off leaving Renny the only available person to go up followed by her exit from the house. The veto competition was the houseguests having to look at morphed pictures of the houseguests put into a baby picture. The winner of the veto would be the person who got all the answers right in the fastest time. Memphis won the veto with a winning time of 2:50. Dan was second with 2:58, Keesha was third with 5:16, Jerry was fourth with 8:01, and last was Renny with 23:32. Yeah, Renny did not do well at all. The girls realized that Memphis was not going to get rid of Dan. Memphis and Dan talked about how getting rid of Renny was the best idea cause the other four are “equally hated” with the jury. The feeling was that no one wanted to go up against Renny in the final two cause everyone knew that she would win. Memphis did go to Keesha and tell her the plan. Keesha said that she just hated having to trust Dan cause he is so unpredictable. The veto meeting takes place and Memphis uses it on Dan. There is only one other option so Jerry has to nominate Renny against Keesha. There was never any doubt on who was going home. Renny and Keesha had some nice bonding time over their last moments in the house. Tonight’s live show had Renny going home on a 2-0 vote. The Renegade alliance of Dan and Memphis were the only ones able to vote of course. Very classy exit by Renny and I loved her greeting all the crowd outside the house. That brings us to tonight’s HOH competition. The houseguests were shown a series of pictures from previous competitions in the house. They then had to answer questions about them. Dan won HOH with seven right. Memphis had five and Keesha only had one. The end of the show had the houseguests walking into the living room to see a sumo wrestler sitting there. Julie told the viewers that he held the clue to something in the luxury competition that could change the game. We got subtitles with him saying that he “was sitting on information that you need”.

Other thoughts on the Big Brother week. Would Jerry have done better in this game if he wasn’t so obsessed with getting Dan out of the house? That was what I was wondering tonight. Regardless of whether he would have, he has been way too determined to get Dan out for weeks now. I did find it funny when he was telling people to send Dan home this week and for them to put personal stuff aside till next week against other houseguests. Well, the personal stuff that others are holding besides what Jerry has against Dan. Ha ha. Well, at least the jury house people aren’t bitter. LOL. Lots of hurt feelings in that house. It seemed like Libra was the only one that seemed fine. She did call it right on who she thought the next two evictees were going to be entering the jury house. Jerry’s fall into the pool this week had to hurt. It looked really nasty especially from the one angle. How funny was Dan and Renny’s conversation arguing over the time difference? Renny couldn’t get it right with what time it was in New Orleans as compared to Los Angeles. Dan and Memphis could not convince her that they were right but she eventually figured it out. It was a funny bit for TV. Speaking of Renny, was she really sleepwalking? She has been a lot of fun this season on the show and on the live feeds. It’s disappointing that she is no longer in the house.

What You Missed On The Live Feeds: The live feeds are an absolute mess this year. So many technical problems and more censoring feeds than ever before. It’s really frustrating at times. If you are a live feed viewer, you really need to read the message boards as you watch. That is a big part of the Big Brother experience for me every year. It’s fun to get others thoughts as you’re watching. I laugh so hard at posts on the boards that can be really funny when they catch something that you might not have. Big Brother gave the houseguests a Labor Day treat. The houseguests got a grill and were able to cook a BBQ dinner. An American flag was also set up which was discussed to be Dan’s flag. The houseguests ate outside in the back yard. They also got some cards and were able to play Memory in the living room. Labor Day also fell on Dan’s birthday. A cake was made for Dan which was a football cake. The “happy birthday to you” was cut off of the feeds and off of BBAD on Showtime. Well, at least with this maybe they didn’t have to sing “for he’s a jolly good fellow” like they do for other birthdays. I always think that is lame as I guess “happy birthday to you” is copyrighted music? The group then sat around talking and telling jokes. Jerry came in and hung out with them and the room was very awkward. Dan got called to the DR later and there was an audio leak where he asked the producer how awkward is that room and thanking them for getting him out of there. Jerry sure is working his jury house angle. What is that, you ask? Well, he keeps mentioning that he’s going to persuade the jury to vote for or against whoever he feels if he ends up in the jury house. He has basically been throwing it around as a threat to keep him around but I highly doubt that the jury house is going to care what his opinion is cause they have their own agenda. It will be fun to see how well the houseguests eat now that Renny is out of the house cause she did the cooking.

What Has Happened Since The Live Show: SPOILER ALERT!! The feeds returned at 8:03pm with the houseguests watching the sumo wrestler. He got up and started different sumo routines while he continued to say the line. Dan figured things out after just a few minutes and sat up near him by the couch. The sumo wrestler stood up again for a quick second and Dan grabbed the envelope that he was sitting on. Dan started reading the letter which said that by reading this, you have launched a special luxury competition saying that it would be a trip out of the house for someone and that it could also could impact the game. The letter also said that there would be more details tomorrow. The sumo wrestler then picked up his stool and walked out through the storage room. Lots of speculation on what the trip could be. Some on the message boards are speculating that it could be something to do with some sort of sumo competition taking place in Los Angeles this weekend. Who knows though? Jerry is working his jury “swing vote” story again. He told Dan that the guys should keep him in the house a little longer with him talking about being the “swing vote” in the jury house. About ten minutes later, Jerry told Memphis the same thing. After that, it’s been really laid back in the house with everyone just having small talk.

Bones opened up its new season last night with 9.7 million viewers. The show drew its largest audience ever for a season premiere. I did catch David Boreanaz on Regis and Kelly yesterday morning promoting the show. He is always a great guest.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles kicks off its second season on Monday night on Fox at 7pm central time.

Here is the plan for as far as new content. The site will post more episodes of shows every week with the site saying it should happen normally on Mondays. However, some episodes will be taken off to make way for the new ones. They do say that the episodes won’t be gone forever once they’re pulled down as they’ll cycle back around eventually. For example, I checked out Firefly and the first two episodes are gone but now episodes six and seven have been added. That has happened with many shows on the site so that appears routine. However, season one of Veronica Mars was up on the site completely and still is. Instead of doing season two next, they jumped up into putting up random season three episodes which I thought was strange. One bummer for me with that episode plan is now I’m already out on Everwood. I had planned on checking that show out but now the first three episodes are already gone so I’m not jumping in episodes behind.

Two Olympians are set to appear on Wheaties boxes that will be released into stores later this month. Nastia Liukin and Bryan Clay are the two that have been selected. Liukin is of course the women’s gymnastics all around gold medalist. Clay won the decathlon. What about Michael Phelps? Well, he has inked a deal to appear on Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Not sure when the Phelps boxes will be hitting stores.

Speaking of Phelps, this has to be my favorite of the AT&T commercials about missed calls. I love all of these commercials but the one with the Michael Phelps fan is my favorite. This is something that I could see myself being mad about if I missed a favorite of mine making an appearance nearby.

Jennifer Aniston will be guest starring on this season’s 30 Rock.

I’m not an ER watcher but you don’t have to be to know this news is big. Anthony Edwards is set to return to reprise his role as Dr. Mark Greene. He will appear in one episode on November 13th and his role in the episode will be flashback type moments to fit in with that episode.

TV on DVD releases for Tuesday, September 9th. C.S.I. Miami (Season Six), Grey’s Anatomy (Season Four), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (Season Three), Jon & Kate Plus 8 (Seasons One & Two), jPod (Season One), Legion Of Super-Heroes (Volume Three), Medium (Season Four), Riptide (Full Series), Smallville (Season Seven), Ugly Betty (Season Two), Wings (Season Seven).

You Tube Video Of The Week: You Tube in 1985.

Wishing you a great weekend!! Take care and God bless!!

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