Thursday, February 16, 2012

Survivor One World Premiere Thoughts and Recap - February 16, 2012

Survivor: One World premiered last night on CBS and it was a hot premiere just based on the tensions between tribes and even the people in the tribe.  I'm actually not sure which was hotter during tribal council.  The actual fire that was sitting there at tribal council or the tension in the air.  As was announced previously, we learned that the tribes would be split into men against women and that they would also be living on the same beach together.  Now, when they said same beach, I had no assumption that they meant right next to each other.  Things got off to a heated start when both tribes were able to take whatever that they wanted off of the nearby truck.  It had all kinds of useful tools to help get your camp started.  As the women were getting things, Michael ran over and started stealing stuff from their pile without the women noticing.  One of these things included an axe.  The women of course noticed that they were missing some things.  Right there, we are off to a tense start.  The tribes later learned that they were living together and that took the battle to the nearby chickens and who was going to get them.  When Chelsea was able to get both of the chickens, the women decided to keep both of the chickens and not share with the men.  My thinking was while watching it, hey, they'll trade you a chicken for an axe.  This back and forth of things like this with bargaining continued through the episode.  I would like to point out that the men started this with stealing the axe.  They seem to forget that little detail when they start arguing with the women.  A problem got stirred up between Christina and Alicia when Alicia didn't like the bargaining that Christina was doing with the men.  On the men's side, there is already division.  Colton sees himself as odd man out and starts to bond with the women including him hoping that one of them would give him an immunity idol.  Well, his wish is granted when Sabrina finds a hidden immunity idol without a clue.  It was in the second place that she just randomly looked in.  Unfortunately for her, she found the idol that was for the other tribe.  With finding it, she has to give it to one of the men before the next tribal council.  She had already started to form a bond with Colton and gives it to him in hopes of him flipping the game and taking down one of the stronger guys.  We also already have a strong alliance of guys on that tribe with Matt being the one that I'm hoping to see get a reality check in this game really soon.  LOL.  During the immunity challenge, Kourtney was injured in her jump to the net below breaking her wrist in the process.  The challenge was stopped so she could have the medical team check her out.  Then, it was stopped for good with the men being given the opportunity to continue the challenge or just accept the win.  They chose the win which did not go over well with the women.  At tribal council, the women learned that Kourtney would not be able to return to the game and that her wrist would require surgery.  The heat of the tribal council was the back and forth between Alicia and Christina.  Even Jeff had a look of what is the deal here?  Especially for day three!!  Lots of drama in the first episode.  Bummed that Kourtney had to go home in that way.  It's never good to see someone have to leave the game like that.  Next week's episode teases more drama and this season is already looking drama filled.

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