Monday, February 27, 2012

Jennifer McGill, Formerly Of MMC, Debuts Her First Single, "Hanging On For Dear Life"

Jennifer McGill, former Mouseketeer from The Disney Channel's "New Mickey Mouse Club", debuts her first solo release! This deluxe single is available worldwide at participating online music stores! Jennifer McGill's deluxe single not only includes the rerecorded "Hanging On For Dear Life" (originally from Walt Disney Record's "MMC" album and "My Boyfriend's Back” movie soundtrack) and the double single "This Little Light", co-written by Jeff Savage (Grammy winning producer/writer-Toby Mac, Jars Of Clay, dcTalk) and Lauren Evans (Jordin Sparks, Kimberly Locke, Kelly Roland),but also includes karaoke tracks, instrumentals,and acapella selections to make your own remixes! Get Jennifer's 3 singles or get the whole album! If you would like to support and learn more about Jennifer McGill, please visit From her homepage, it's one click to “Like” Jennifer on her Facebook Music page, follow her on Twitter, subscribe to RealJenniferMcGill's YouTube Channel, and buy Jennifer's album on iTunes:

For die-hard MMC fans, Jennifer has included a guest book and scrapbook on her "MMC Geek Out" page! Please enjoy the trip down memory lane and sign her guestbook!

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