Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts on Chad Michael Murray's Return To One Tree Hill - February 23, 2012

Last night's One Tree Hill was a combination of great retro feel and also complete drama wondering just how in the world that Nathan was going to get out of this situation.  Chad Michael Murray returned for his last episode of One Tree Hill as Lucas.  We learned the story that he was there to pick up the kids from Haley so she could concentrate on Nathan.  Take some of the pressure off of her.  Good stuff with a Lucas and Haley reunion and him helping her through one of the toughest times of her life with Nathan missing.  What about Nathan?  Well, it looked like he was about to get free until it turned out that the police officer that Haley and Chris Keller had talked to turned out to be on the wrong side of things.  Now, Nathan looks in even worse shape than he was.  The previews for next week look bad.  Really bad.   I do have a theory and prediction on it though.  The easy look at the previews would make you think that it is Nathan.  Who knows?  It could end up being Nathan but I'm thinking it is Dan.  Dan is right on the brink of figuring this thing out and actually looked to have it all figured out after viewing one of Nathan's videos for Jamie.  My prediction is that Dan is going to take off and go get Nathan.  Nathan will be saved but Dan will end up paying the ultimate sacrifice in saving his son.  With a man that is so desperate to be with his family, I could see him doing whatever it takes to save his son and that would be his final legacy.  So, that is my prediction.  Haley is looking at Dan and not Nathan.  Of course, I could be and probably will be wrong.  LOL.  Actually, I feel pretty decent on that prediction.  It was a good episode last night and it was good closure having Lucas back.  We're now also halfway there through this final season.  I said this already but it has been really good.

The CW has posted this interview with Chad talking about his return to One Tree Hill.  

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