Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chad Michael Murray Returns To One Tree Hill This Wednesday Night

One Tree Hill is good this season.  Really good.  We're six episodes into this last season and I have loved it.  When this season opened up, we got a glimpse of bad things going on with all the OTH characters.  Dark moments of this group of people that we only saw.  We didn't know the circumstances but as the season has progressed, we have seen a bunch of those moments.  Some have yet to be seen including just how in the world does Chris Keller apparently get involved in Dan Scott's plan?  LOL.  The big storyline of the season has been the disappearance of Nathan Scott.  Why did he not come home after catching that flight home?  Dan's history caught up to him once again leading to mistrust from Haley and now even Jamie has turned against him.  Several are on the job looking to track him down as he is in major trouble.  Julian has been dealing with his own troubles after leaving one of the babies in a hot vehicle.  I love the storyline with the cafe next door that has opened up next to Karen's Cafe.  We've got the new character of Tara who has stirred up all sorts of drama.  Brooke's battle with her has been great cause we need to have at least one more "you don't mess with Brooke Davis" kind of storyline in this last season.  Also, add into the fact that Tara was cheating on Chris Keller with Chase.  Clay and Quinn are dealing with the trouble of what is happening with Clay as he seems to get out sleepwalking and forgets who he is.  The Millie and Mouth storyline has been interesting with worrying about his health.  I did laugh at the moment where she finally had all she could take and went off on the talk show frustrated over it all.  I like that couple a lot.  The show has been really strong this season.  The music has been great to go along with scenes.  I thought that song that went with Haley's revelation of her suspicion of Dan went perfect with that scene.  Just a huge build up for that final scene in that episode.  So, what now?  Well, Chad Michael Murray returns.  What is going to help Haley get through this situation?  How about a visit from her best friend, Lucas?  This Wednesday at 7pm central time on The CW, Chad Michael Murray returns to One Tree Hill.  This episode is also directed by Austin Nichols.  Should be a lot of fun.

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