Monday, February 6, 2012

The Voice Turns Into A MMC Reunion - February 6, 2012

I tuned into the season premiere of The Voice and a MMC reunion broke out. I first have to say that I was a big fan of the show growing up. I have a Wrap Up recap somewhere for the special that was done in recent years interviewing cast members of the show. I may need to track that thing down and post it again. Last night's episode saw a reunion moment for sure when Tony Lucca took the stage. Tony Lucca was a member of the Mickey Mouse Club from the fourth to seventh seasons. The last two of those seasons brought another member to that show. That was Christina Aguilera. Last night, the show went to break teasing this reunion and my ears (no pun intended) perked up at the fun of this reunion. What would Christina's reaction be? What would Tony's reaction be to her? Tony is someone that has been at hard work on his music for years now. It is very exciting that this could be his really big break. Tony took the stage and the judges all took notice immediately of his talent. He got all of the chairs to turn around so then it turned into a situation of him being able to pick who he wanted to work with. Would Tony pair up with Christina in a duo that all of us retro fans would love? Would he go with someone else? He did go with Adam Levine which I think will be a good thing. As Tony left the stage, Christina looked over at him and realized who he was. Now, my question is did it take to that point to know who he was? He did say his name earlier on so I'm curious as to when it came to her. As Carson Daly was interviewing Tony and his family, the talk turned to the reunion. Christina then walked in and said hi to her former cast member. It was a cool moment for me as a fan seeing those two back together again. We also got an admission from her that Britney Spears had a big crush on him. I can't say I'm surprised cause he was one of the big heartthrobs of the show at the time and the girls all loved him. Well, I now have a lot more attention to pay to The Voice this year in support of a moment that took me back to my teenage years. The Voice gave us a very fun reunion moment last night and I say we just start rotating cast members up there now and see what happens. LOL.

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