Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nashville Return Recap and Thoughts

So, what happened last night on the return of Nashville?  Well, not much.  Just the wedding fall out, break up, the custody battle result, a front yard fight, and a chair.  A chair?  LOL.  The chair was some nice light moments for the episode to kind of balance out what was intense with so much drama going on around the various story lines on the show.  The fall out from Rayna and Luke's wedding being called off continued including her being the first to take it to the media.  Luke going to Deacon's place expecting to find Rayna there.  Instead, he found a smiling Deacon when he found out the wedding was off (which was a hilarious smile by the way) and then found an angry Deacon after Luke said something about Rayna that he shouldn't have said.  The custody battle continued with Gunnar and his thought to be son.  The grandparents got custody after Gunnar admitted to Micah that Micah was indeed his nephew and not his son.  Micah saw this as just another situation where people weren't being honest with him and went with the family "that had always been honest with him".  Really funny moment when Avery comes over to voice his frustrations of the "chair" battle with Juliette.  His point got flooded out when he heard of Gunnar's day.  LOL.  The basic story of the chair was the newlywed trouble of him moving his stuff in with Juliette and conflicting including this chair that she didn't want anything to do with.  The perfect place was found by her with it being put in the nursery.  Layla.  Poor Layla.  That character has been a drama stirrer from the beginning but you just feel awful for her with how her life has been turned upside down just cause of covering up for Will's lies.  Then, the reality show.  Finally, everything came to a head with the overdose and then Jeff appears to have gotten rid of the reality show problem.  Then, we had Sadie looking to protect herself from her abusive ex.  Wow, this really was a dark episode the more that I think about it.  We're not to the biggest part though and that is the news that Deacon has cancer but that he needs a liver transplant to survive.  So, who will qualify as matching up to help save his life?  Rayna also has not been told about this and he wants no part of telling her saying he is tired of her having to take care of him.  He wants to be able to take care of her for a change.  Rayna did tell Deacon that she loved him but that she needed some time.  Deacon is unsure on whether he has that time but still said nothing to her.  Lots of happenings last night mostly dealing with the fallout of the previous hiatus episode.  Love Nashville.  Love it, love it.

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