Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Brother 18 Premiere Night!!!

Happy Big Brother 18 premiere day!!!  Can you believe it is already here?  The new season premieres tonight on CBS at 7pm central time!  So, we still have questions going into tonight's premiere.  We have 12 announced houseguests.  We are waiting for 4 more.  12 are new.  The 4 are rumored to be returning houseguests.  I've seen the names floated around and I am hoping they are right.  Let's talk about what we do know and that is the 12.  A couple of them have ties to previous Big Brother houseguests.  First, we have Paulie who is the brother of BB16's Cody.  Second, we have Tiffany.  She is the sister of BB17's Vanessa.  With watching their preseason interviews with Jeff on, it seems pretty clear that both are wanting to lay low on this secret.  It is going to be REALLY hard to hide those secrets for two reasons.  The first is that they look and sound an awful lot like their siblings!  LOL.  Paulie and Cody look very similar and if any of these new cast members are big superfans, they will recognize Cody cause he has made appearances on the show.  And good luck to Tiffany cause she looks and sounds just like her sister.  LOL.  That is going to be hard to hide.  Now, here is my bigger problem with them hiding their secret.  When you are on Big Brother, the show ends and here comes your families out to the finale, after shows, parties, etc.  If you are one of these rumored houseguests coming back into the house, they very well may know these siblings!  Not just have met them or talked to them but genuinely know them especially if you were on the season with their sibling.  How does that play out?  Do they align or do you out them? That is the question.  I am waiting to hear if the Jordan Parhar call is correct on who he said will be the returning four.  Please be right Jordan!!!  I've got an all time favorite in that list if it is correct.  So, what about the new cast?  Well, here is the names of the new cast.
Paul Abrahamian - 23 from Tarzana, CA.  Clothing designer
Victor Arroyo - 25 from Slidell, LA.  Gym manager
Corey Brooks - 25 from Dallas, TX. Baseball coach
Paulie Calafiore - 27 from Howell, NJ. DJ
Bronte D'Acquisto - 26 from San Diego, CA. Student
Bridgette Dunning - 24 from Fresno, CA. Traveling nurse
Zakiyah Everette - 24 from Charlotte, NC. Preschool teacher
Jozea Flores - 25 from Bridgeton, NJ. Make-up artist
Glenn Garcia - 50 from Bronx, NY. Dog groomer/former police detective
Michelle Meyer - 23 from Washington Township, MI. Nutritionist
Natalie Negrotti - 26 from Franklin Park, NJ. Event coordinator
Tiffany Rousso - 32 from West Palm Beach, FL. High school teacher

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