Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Full House Returning On Netflix In 2016!!!

It's official!!!  Twitter went crazy late last night with John Stamos' appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he gave the word that Full House would be returning.  TV Line had the story a while back that this reunion would be happening.  The funny thing that when that story broke was that none of the cast was denying it including some even having fun and playing off of it.  Fans have been abuzz about it ever since.  Last night, Stamos gave the word that the show will be returning as a 13 episode exclusive series to Netflix.  It will start as a one hour reunion and they are hopeful to get everyone back for at least the start of it.  From there, we will basically spin off and the show will revolve around DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy.  The story is that DJ is a recently widowed mother of two with a third on the way.  Stephanie and Kimmy, along with Kimmy's daughter, will move in with DJ to help her out.  This basically plays off the concept of the original show as Jesse and Joey moved in with Danny to help him out with the girls.  The show will be called "Fuller House".  I expect that we will see characters popping in and out on the show over the 13 episodes.  It is something I wanted to see explored anyway with the original show with the three of those characters.  I was enjoying the adventures of DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy as they were getting older in their teenage years cause they were then able to branch out with those characters more being at a different stage in their lives.  Then, we got the abrupt cancellation of the show sadly without any closure.  The cast has always been bummed about that too that they didn't actually get a farewell.  Well, no need for a farewell cause now they are back!  I am so excited for this!!!  Fuller House will premiere in 2016 and we will all be anxiously awaiting it.

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