Monday, June 27, 2016

Big Brother 18 Thoughts - Roadkill Challenge, Veto Results SPOILER

I'll put SPOILER ALERT here as I'm going to be talking live feeds and TV show so stop reading if you don't want spoilers.  We're about four days into the Big Brother 18 live feeds.  I always call Friday "meet your new houseguests" day as that is the first full day of feeds to where you sit back and observe the house.  Not a whole lot going on in the house over the weekend outside of a few random things with conversations.  Voting talk and such.  Jozea is the target to be evicted this week and the goal of the side of the house targeting him is to keep it quiet for a blindside.  Paulie was even talking to Frank at one point about later in the week going to Jozea and saying "wow, this is bad.  I really think I'm going home.  I don't think I have the votes".  Just to stir it up and hype up the blindside more.  So, the guy who thinks he is the master mind Big Brother player is about to get played big time on Thursday.  Get your popcorn.  LOL.  Whew, this guy.  I think he has had one of the worst Big Brother weeks ever and all of it is his own doing.  He's terrible at this game.  Big Brother 101 says that you don't voice that your target is the current HOH!!!!  LOL.  That's just the first of many mistakes by Jozea this week.  Unless there is some out of nowhere turn of votes, he'll be going home this week. We were introduced to the new twist of the Roadkill challenge.  The winner of that gets a secret power of adding a third nominee on to the block.  All houseguests open up a box to reveal if they were a winner or loser in the competition.  The winner can then tell people he won it or keep it to himself.  Frank was the winner this week and he put up Paul up on the block.  Now, here is where we are going to get into more spoilers so SPOILER ALERT!!!  With Frank putting him on the block, that made the veto competition that much more important.  The Eight Pack alliance was very strong in that they couldn't let Jozea win the veto.  He is the number one target for eviction this week.  So, he didn't win veto.  Paul did and was apparently very vocal about his win afterwards.  We haven't seen this of course yet on the show so I'm curious to see how that looks compared to the talk of it.  Veto meeting has occurred over the weekend.  Paul took himself off the block.  Bridgette was put on the block as a replacement.  Target is Jozea and that alliance thinks they easily have the votes to keep him.  As far as the overall cast, I like the group.  Some more than others obviously.  LOL.  I've got about three or four that I'd like to see voted out soon.  It has been mostly a quiet week in the house.  I think things will really pick up with intensity in there when this blindside happens on Thursday.  That will show the battle lines of the house and some that thought they were safe and good in this game are going to panic realizing they aren't safe.  So, that's it for now.  Just some random thoughts on this weekend of live feeds and TV shows. Hope you are having a great day!

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