Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Survivor Worlds Apart Cast Announced - Premiere Set For February 25th!

The new cast of Survivor: Worlds Apart has been announced.  Season 30!  Can you believe that?  I have seen all previous 29 seasons and this show has still remained at the top of its game as they head into season 30.  This year's focus will be on splitting the cast members into groups of "Blue Collar", "White Collar", and "No Collar".  The basic explanation on what defines these groups from what has already been described in the season preview info is this: Blue Collar represents the type of workers that work outside or in uniform and tend to follow the rules; White Collar represents those who work inside in an office, businessmen, and tend to make the rules; No Collar represents those that can go against either of the previous with doing their own thing and tend to make their own rules.  That is the basic idea given.

Here is the list of the new cast members.
Blue Collars:
Lindsey Cascaddan - 24 years old and a hairdresser.
Dan Foley - 47 years old and a postal worker.
Mike Holloway - 38 years old and a oil driller.
Rodney Lavoie Jr. - 24 years old and a general contractor.
Kelly Remington - 44 years old and a state trooper.
Sierra Dawn Thomas - 27 years old and a barrel racer.

White Collars:
Max Dawson - 37 years old and a media consultant.
Tyler Fredrickson - 33 years old and a ex-talent agent assistant.
So Kim - 31 years old and a retail buyer.
Shirin Oskooi - 31 years old and a Yahoo executive.
Carolyn Rivera - 52 years old and a corporate executive.
Joaquin Souberbielle - 27 years old and a marketing director.

No Collars:
Joe Anglim - 25 years old and a jewelry designer.
Jenn Brown - 22 years old and a sailing instructor.
Hali Ford - 25 years old and a law student.
Nina Poersch - 51 years old and a hearing advocate.
Will Sims II - 41 years old and a You Tube sensation.
Vince Sly - 32 years old and a coconut vendor.

The new season of Survivor kicks off on February 25th at 7pm central time with a 90 minute premiere.  Do you want to get a look at some of these new cast members?  Here you go!  :)

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