Thursday, January 22, 2015

Super Mario World Beaten In Under 6 Minutes

Something fun for all you old school gamers today.  There has been a story going around about Super Mario World and I, of course, had to check that out.  What would you say to being able to beat the game in less than 6 minutes?  What is that you say?  LOL.  A glitch was found in the game that basically lets you rewrite the code as you play and this was apparently even done with the original console along with an emulator.  Twitch user Jeffw356 was the first to find this incredible glitch and ran through it on an emulator in under five minutes.  Then, a You Tube user with the user name of SethBling ran with it and was able to beat the record on it.  Well, I could explain it but I really can't.  Plus, it is way better to let this video explain it and you can watch it for yourself.

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