Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Week In Big Brother Canada, Tonight Show Makes It Official, Arrested Development, and More - April 6, 2013

Big Brother Canada continues to just leave me in awe as I watch it.  I think I have gotten so used to the US version just not really having many unpredictable game twists like it was last year in BB14.  Canada dropped a huge game changing twist this week that shocked the house and ended up dismantling someone’s game in the process.  Last week, Suzette was evicted from the Big Brother house.  It wasn’t a shock at all and even she knew that she was done.  The HOH competition is held and it came down to Topaz and Talla.  Topaz wins HOH.  As the show went off the air, a promise was made of a huge twist that would air on Sunday night.  It sure did!  Right after the live show, Topaz was called to the HOH.  She was going to be told that she it was an instant nomination night.  Little did she know that another twist was coming with that.  The rest of the houseguests are put in the living room.  Big Brother Canada host, Arisa comes on the screen and starts to talk to Topaz.  While this is going on, the rest of the house is seeing this on the TV in the living room.  It shocked them so much that Gary was yelling out, hey, we can see this expecting that Big Brother had messed up. Nope, that was part of the twist.  The house was going to get to watch all this go down in the HOH room and learn of the twist and also of who Topaz was going to nominate.  Arisa told Topaz that she had five minutes to make a decision.  Topaz was left alone to her thoughts.  Unfortunately for Topaz, she said her thoughts out loud.  Thinking and talking to herself with a whole living room listening.  She basically laid out her targets, her pawns, her possible backdoor plans, and basically her whole game.  She made enemies really fast down there in the living room with everyone in shock of what they were watching.  So, she makes her picks for nomination which were Andrew and AJ.  Andrew was her target.  AJ was the pawn.  She makes her way downstairs unaware that the house just saw this all go down.  Arisa then springs it on everyone that this is an instant eviction twist.  No veto comp.  No time to discuss.  Immediate vote.  So, everyone is going to the diary room in complete shock.  Some completely undecided on what to do.  The vote goes 4-2 to evict AJ.  So, Topaz’s target stays in the house.  He knows he was her target.  Alec who has been in a showmance with Topaz voted to evict AJ.  It should be pointed out that they haven’t been getting along at this point and both are just playing it up for alliance purposes.  So, Alec is having to do a much of damage control over Topaz’s move.  To make matters worse for Topaz, Andrew won HOH and then put up Topaz on the block along with Gary.  Who was Andrew’s target?  Well, we were not sure initially.  He seemed to be telling of a lot of plans and had Gary’s mind stirring all over the place on whether Topaz was a pawn or whether he was a pawn.  Andrew's target as we learned was Gary.  We had an awesome veto competition that Jillian was having a blast hosting.  Lots of funny moments in it.  It was won by Andrew.  So, now the question turned to the alliances in the house.  Talla getting pulled between the alliances of The Shield and also to Emmett, Andrew, and Jillian.  Gary was voted out on an unanimous vote and then we were left with a HOH endurance challenge as the show ended.  Where will the power go in the house in this crucial HOH competition?

Big Brother Line Of The Week: "All the sudden, Gary runs off bawling like we’re in a grocery store and he can’t have fruit loops."  - Emmett on Gary running off crying over getting picked as a have not.  These are some really funny quotable houseguests on Big Brother Canada.  

It was very sad to read the news about Roger Ebert passing away this week.  I read the news that day on Twitter.  Siskel and Ebert were always a major part of the entertainment business with their reviews.  There has been an outpouring of sympathy from all over the industry.

It is official.  NBC officially announced that Jimmy Fallon will take over The Tonight Show in the spring of 2014 replacing Jay Leno.  Also, the show will move back to New York.  One can only hope that this goes better than it did last time.  

Arrested Development has a start date.  The new season which is a Netflix exclusive is set to start on May 26.  15 episodes will be ready for view and I know that is going to excite a lot of people.  I have never seen the show but I have always heard rave reviews on it.  

That is it for today.  Take care and God bless!!

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