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Veronica Mars Movie In The Homestretch, Kelly Clarkson Returns To Idol, Big Brother Canada, ACM Awards, & More - April 12, 2013

Time is almost up and it has been record breaking.  The last record just went down on Kickstarter.  The Veronica Mars movie is in the home stretch and is hours from ending.  The only record that this campaign hadn’t topped was the most backers ever.  They targeted that record including an option to just donate a $1 if you wanted to.  The record was topped which was 87,142.  As I write this, the Veronica Mars movie has 87,439.  The grand total with 7 hours to go is $5.5 million.  Just incredible!  Rob Thomas is going crazy today just watching all of this go down.  Kristen Bell put out a video this morning for a rallying cry to get these records done and it has happened.  Pledges have been coming in from all over the world with all sorts of different amounts.  I will put some totals in to just show you these amazing numbers when the numbers are final.  This week, the t-shirts were shown on what they would like.  I definitely have my pick on which one I like of the two.  They are also going to give out a sticker sheet to everyone who pledges over $10 which you can use to show that you supported the cause.  I love the stickers.  This Kickstarter campaign has changed the game and the funding is there for an even bigger movie than they anticipated.  Check out the campaign at this link:
Here is the video by Kristen this morning if you want to check it out.  

Deal making, returning houseguests, anger, and backing out on deals were all a part of this week’s Big Brother Canada.  When we left off last week, the endurance competition was underway.  It came down to two people.  Jillian and Topaz.  The talk turned to maybe just make a deal of safety for each other.  Also for their others.  The two are left alone to discuss.  Topaz gets the word of safety for herself and for Alec.  So, Topaz bails out and Jillian wins HOH.  That deal didn’t hold long though when she started working on her options for nominations.  However, Alec didn’t help himself either by his conversation in the HOH room with Jillian where he basically threatened to go after her next week.  Not the best move on his part.  So, Jillian goes back on the deal and puts Alec on the block against Peter.  Peter is basically the pawn as her real target is Alec.  Of course, this does not go over well with Topaz.  We get to the veto competition.  Everyone is picked to play except for Emmett as he is the odd one out.  This was where Alec made his second big mistake of the week.  He was breezing through the veto competition which was building a bridge with planks of wood with house events on them.  You had to put them in order in the quickest time.  Alec was breezing through it and was one switch away from winning.  He stops and starts to think about it deciding that he thinks he should give up on the challenge for strategy.  He says that he is quitting.  This is in front of everyone too by the way.  He had several minutes left and was on his way to victory.  He said in his DR interview that this will be either a great move or a terrible move.  I thought it looked really bad especially to just openly say that you are quitting in front of everyone.  Especially when you are on the block.  Peter wins the veto.  Things get crazier with the deal making when Jillian tells Topaz that she is her only option of who to put on the block.  Wow!!!  Not only did she backtrack on the deal halfway but now she went full out and turned on the deal completely.  Bold, bold move. Topaz is of course furious over this and she is put on the block after Peter vetoes himself.  Alec against Topaz.  That brings us to last night’s double eviction episode.  Alec was voted out with the only vote to keep him being Peter.  The double eviction was sprung on the house and we got right into the competitions.  Emmett won HOH in a tie breaker against Andrew.  He put up Topaz and Talla for eviction.  Peter won the veto and did not use it.  No reason to as that would mess up his game at this point.  3-0 vote to evict Topaz.  The HOH competition was underway as we went off the air.  When I saw the egg comp, my first thought was poor Britney.  Remember when she had such trouble with that comp a few years ago?  We got another twist as fans will be able to vote a jury member back into the house.  So, either AJ, Gary, Alec, or Topaz are coming back into the house.  If I had to guess, I would say that I bet Canada votes Gary back into the house. 

Other happenings in the house had the return of the moose.  Not the original though.  This was a dark talking moose.  I love Marcia the moose by the way.  I just find it hilarious.  The dark moose had a secret challenge for Peter.  He had to fool the house into thinking that a houseguest was returning.  He scrambled around the house placing items of Tom’s around including replacing Tom’s black and whited out picture with his color one which of course symbolizes someone is still in the game.  Peter added a chair to the table and put his teddy bear in Jillian’s HOH room.  The picture was what got noticed first by Talla and Topaz and they lost their minds.  They screamed all through the house that Tom was coming back.  The house went into paranoia mode the rest of the night.  It was great TV to watch especially with Peter just watching all this go down.  I am wondering if Andrew slept at all.  LOL.  Nicely played by Big Brother as they helped with the items and also put the cameras in the HOH room down on to the bed where the bear was hidden.  Jillian caught it immediately saying “why are the cameras pointed in the same direction”.  She knew something was up and found the bear.  She was then convinced that it was a hunt of sorts where you had to find the most of Tom’s items for a game win.  Pretty funny. Peter’s task was complete as he convinced the whole house that a houseguest was returning and they got a reward of five food items.  So, Talla.  LOL.  I crack up at her cause she has such a big personality.  Constantly losing her mind and getting furious at her struggles in competitions.  The house gets a laugh out of it too.  Then, she is constantly screaming such as in the HOH comp and just at being scared of anything unexpected.  I laughed during the endurance comp that it would be hard to compete next to her trying to concentrate but also having her screaming in your ear all the time. 

Big Brother Line Of The Week: “Peter, I’ve known you for a long while now and in that time I’ve learned that you like wrestling, chicken nuggets, and I’ve also learned that that is a cursed veto necklace.  Don’t use the cursed veto on yourself.  Use it on me.  I’ll bare the curse.  You’ll be safe.” - Alec’s speech to Peter during the veto ceremony.

Another homecoming on American Idol this week.  The original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson made her return back home where it all started.  Much like Carrie recently, they did a great video looking back on her time on Idol and her career since then.  Kelly performed her new song, “People Like Us” and it was a fun atmosphere with the lights out and the glow sticks in the air.  Loved her performance and loved the song.  You can check out Kelly Clarkson on Idol here. 

The ACM Awards were this past Sunday night.  Entertainer of the Year went to Luke Bryan.  That was a shocker for everyone and a big congrats to him.  He was so excited.  I do have to rant for a moment.  Seriously, what does it take for Carrie Underwood to get nominated for Entertainer of the Year?  She is performing almost every night all over the world and on TV.  She is selling out her tour and it has been a huge hit.  Just insulting to not see her get nominated.  Anyway, back to the results.  LOL.  Male Vocalist of the Year was Jason Aldean.  Female Vocalist of the Year went to Miranda Lambert.  Vocal Duo of the Year: Thompson Square.  Vocal Group of the Year; Little Big Town.  New Artist of the Year: Florida Georgia Line. Album of the Year: Eric Church - Chief. Single Record of the Year: Miranda Lambert - Over You. Song of the Year: Miranda Lambert - Over You.  Songwriter of the Year: Dallas Davidson. Video of the Year: Little Big Town - Tornado (this is a really cool video by the way).  Vocal Event of the Year: The Only Way I Know - Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan and Eric Church.

Superpass and Big Brother have parted ways.  Superpass sent out a statement last week announcing that they will not be the home of the Big Brother live feeds this summer and thanking all the fans for the support over their years of hosting the feeds.  Instead will be hosting the live feeds.  Well, that is very interesting.  I am not sure what to make of that.  This will lead to a lot of questions.  How will the feeds be with CBS?  Better?  Worse?  What kind of a fee are we looking at for Big Brother 15 this summer?  What kind of changes are we looking at?  What happens to a lot of the features that Superpass provided?  What gets carried over?  Just a ton of questions that we'll have to wait to get answered.  If anything, CBS will take all heat now for any feed decisions.  I always felt bad for Superpass at times when the feeds would go down and they would get blamed by fans.  They were just the host and CBS was the ones making the decisions.  I did like how Superpass would scramble to provide some kind of content to watch as we had our feed downtime such as those full days without feeds.  So, now we wait until CBS announces more.

Has it really been 20 years since Jurassic Park?  That is unreal.  The movie is set to get a re-release in 3D this weekend in theaters.  I wouldn’t mind watching the original once again but I am not at all into this 3D phenomenon.  It definitely has an audience of fans that love it but it just isn’t for me.  Jurassic Park was a blockbuster for sure upon its original release.  It was something very different.  My introduction to Jurassic Park was by home video.  I bought it upon its release sight unseen and loved it.  Me and a friend of mine used it to test out the surround sound.  Jurassic Park and Twister were the “work out the surround sound” movies that we used.  LOL.  The original movie was so successful that it ended up making two sequels.  I saw the second one but never did watch the third one.  The original Jurassic Park was a lot of fun.  It was a thriller for sure watching these people trying to escape this nightmare and survive from these dinosaurs.  Definitely a favorite movie of mine.  I can’t remember the last time that I actually watched it so maybe that is something to put on the to do list in the future. 

NBC announced earlier this week that Carson Daly’s show has been renewed.  So, that is one spot in the NBC late night lineup that will not see any changes.

If you are a viewer of the NBA on TNT, you are likely familiar with this popular segment.  Shaq’tin A Fool.  This segment has taken on a life of its own including others starting to copy it making their own blooper segments.  Here is this week’s great bloopers from the NBA this week hosted by Shaq.

Take care and God bless!!

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