Monday, April 1, 2013

The Bible Brings Lots of Viewers To History Channel

Jesus is alive and forever the King of Kings!  What a fitting finale day for The Bible on the History Channel last night.  It is reported that 11.7 million people tuned into last night's finale is the biggest number for the show since its premiere.  I have been watching this miniseries every week on History and I have just been amazed at how great it is.  The Bible is co-produced by Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) and  Roma Downey.  They did an amazing job producing this series and just bringing the Bible to life.  There has been a lot of buzz on this miniseries and it really did deliver.  I know that my eyes were glued to it every time it was on.  With each episode running two hours (commercials included), the time would just fly by while watching it.  The show picked up right from the beginning telling the story of Adam and Eve and then finished with the time after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.  Could they cover every story in the Bible?  Of course not.  There isn't enough time to do that with what they had.  I thought the producers did a great job of picking out what stories to tell and how to tell them while transitioning it to the next one.  What I really love about this series is that it has brought a lot of new eyes to the stories of the Bible.  Lots of people are visual kind of people with liking to see things play out in front of them and this series definitely did all of that.  The first few episodes covered the times before Jesus and really showed just how even violent of a time that it was during the times of Abraham and Moses for example.  This was all of course leading up to the arrival of Jesus.  The actor that played him just did an amazing job.  Diogo Morgado is the name of the actor and words can't describe the great job that he did.  He just really pulled you in.  The last episode was really tough to watch last night cause you know what is going to happen.  It's going to be violent and brutal.  I know I found myself just cringing on every single hit that Jesus was taking and just watching this man who only did good get beaten.  Yet, he knew his destiny and God's plan for him.  It was just a heart wrenching moment to watch.  I was reading an article on Yahoo TV where they talked about the tough time that it was shooting that scene.  How it was so hard to do and watch but yet knowing that they had to do it like it was and do it right.  I was curious on where they would leave off with the series.  So many of these shows leave off right with Jesus arising from the tomb.  It was nice to see them follow through and just show what these disciples of Jesus went through afterwards.  The whole last hour was focused on that.  The ratings have been big for this show and it has been great to see the entertainment industry take note of the viewership of it.  It is kind of sad that many are looking at it and thinking, wow, who knew that this many people would be interested in watching this?  Almost like wow, people want to watch positive stuff on TV??  LOL.  Yeah, positive is a good thing in a world that is so negative at times.  With what is on TV anymore, this was a great and refreshing change.  Something that families can watch together and can discuss among one another.  A way to learn of the happenings of the Bible.  I really hope that this will be a break out.  You know how the entertainment industry is.  When one thing is a hit, the flood gates open and we have a ton of options in that genre.  Maybe this will see more shows like this get on the air and I hope that they are done right.  The Bible series was done right.  It was done great.  This was a major production.  Mark Burnett and Roma Downey get my thank you for all their hard work with this project.  Not only were they telling stories of The Bible of things that happened.  They were telling their own experience stories of shooting these scenes and the amazing things that would happen.  The feeling that God was right with them on this project and blessing it.  If you haven't read about that, definitely google online at some of the happenings that occurred.  The Bible series will be released on DVD on Tuesday, April 2nd on DVD and Blu-ray.  I highly recommend it.  That is it for today.  Take care and God bless!!

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