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Veronica Mars Movie Project Update, Big Brother Canada, Lana Lang Returns to Smallville, Carrie's New Single, MTV Goes Retro With The Real World - March 28, 2013

The Veronica Mars Movie campaign is at the halfway point and they are double their goal.  The Kickstarter Project just went past the $4 million mark and still has 15 days to go.  Plans are already starting to land in place on the movie.  As I have said previously, the project is of course happening.  $2 million was the go time money amount.  Now, the movie can just get bigger and better from here.  The goodies for backing the project are really good and the highest dollar ones are amazingly gone.  Just unreal.  So, just what was the reaction by Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, and others as the Kickstarter project took off?  Well, it was just like the rest of us.  I sat and just watched Twitter all day along with the project page and was just in awe.  If you want to see the clip of their reactions and comments to all the great fans of this great show, here you go. 
Speaking of Kristen Bell, a big congrats to her and Dax Shepard on becoming parents. 

So, the late night TV buzz?  Oh goodness.  Not this again.  Didn’t we do this before already?  The rumor is that Leno will be leaving the Tonight Show.  The show will move back to New York and then Jimmy Fallon will take it over.  I really think NBC is feeling pressure about the worry that Fallon might get away when his contract is up.  This is just like years ago when they didn’t want Conan to get away.  We see how that ended up sadly.  A big mess.  I’m really concerned that we are heading for the same thing again.  I just hope Fallon doesn’t get caught in the mix of it.  He is a good guy and I enjoy his show a lot.  His celebrity games are such a great and unique mix to his show.  You get to see the celebrities out of their normal element and show more of their personalities instead of them being in promotion mode.  His show is a lot of fun.  All I could think was, oh no, not this again.

I have become a big Big Brother Canada fan.  The show is really good.  So much better than last season’s U.S. version.  It is produced by the same company behind the U.S. version.  My obvious question is how can this be?  LOL.  The house is much more entertaining.  There was hardly anything going on in the Big Brother house last summer during down time.  It was almost like the producers were bored too.  Once we lost Britney, the show went dull fast.  Dan’s antics kept us entertained cause we couldn’t’ believe what was happening but that house just was not fun like in years past.  On the Canada TV show anyway, they always have something going on for extra footage for the show including the strangely entertaining talking moose.  LOL.  I have yet to see the latest episode but I am absolutely loving it.  Please Big Brother, take some of these things you are doing in Canada and use them for the U.S. version this summer. 

Season Eleven is still continuing in comic form for Smallville.  TV Guide had a big story posted this week about what is to come and that is the return of Lana Lang.  She will be a part of a new arc in the series.  The first issue of which will be available digitally on Friday, April 5. You can learn more at this link.
For more on Smallville Season 11, head over to this link.

Carrie Underwood’s new single is set to debut.  “See You Again” will be the latest single released off of her latest album “Blown Away”.  I am so excited to have this song as the latest release.  It is so good.  When I first picked up the album last year, the song immediately grabbed me.  I have to wonder if the response to the song from the AXS televised concert had anything to do with it.  “See You Again” had just been added to the lineup on the second leg of the Blown Away tour.  So, when we heard it live that night, it stirred quite a buzz among Carrie fans including seeing the title of the song trending on Twitter.  Not long after, the song was announced as the new single.  It should be going to radio very soon and she will be debuting the song on the April 4 episode of American Idol. 

I am so thrilled to see the big ratings of The Big Bang Theory.  The syndication has been a huge deal for that show.  The reruns on TBS have fueled the audience of that show.  I have seen all of the episodes but still find myself tuning in and watching the reruns.  Laughing at the same jokes.  Looking forward to excitement when those big happenings and jokes are ready to happen.  There are some shows that are fun to watch over and over and this show is one of them.  Many fans have been hooked lately through the reruns and are now tuning in to CBS for new episodes.  This is a show thankfully that I have watched and enjoyed since the pilot premiered back several years ago.  The story had a great hook to it and a great group of characters.  The show has grown and grown and is a huge hit.  So happy at its success. 

Here is something that I didn’t expect to say.  I watched MTV over the weekend.  Wow!  Yeah, MTV is not exactly on my radar either for current TV viewing.  However, if you were flipping around, you might have seen Retro Real World weekend going on.  They aired the original New York season, season three of San Francisco, and the Las Vegas season.  So, which one of these is not like the other?  LOL.  The Las Vegas season is actually what chased me out of The Real World show.  Watched it big time and then Vegas was my exit.  What really made me sad in watching this over the weekend was just watching these episodes and then the current promos would run for the new season.  So disappointing what this show has become.  While watching season one and three, all I could think was now this is when this show was a social experiment.  Put all these people in a house and see what happens.  That was especially true with the New York cast as they were the test run.  I loved that season and I stayed up late watching over the weekend cause I couldn’t turn it off.  Eric, Julie, Andre, Kevin, Heather B, Norman, and Becky were the seven stranger picked to live in a house and have their lives taped to see what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.  New York was a huge hit.  The cast was such a wide range of personalities from all over the country.  They learned about one another, learned about New York, and learned about themselves being put in this fish bowl.  The results were amazing and hooked fans from the beginning.  It put reality TV on the map.  I watched a TON of San Francisco over the weekend too.  Almost the whole thing.  That season still might be the most talked about season of The Real World ever.  Judd, Rachel, Cory, Pedro, Puck, Mohammed, Pam, and then later, Jo, were the cast members for that season.  The story of Pedro.  The clashes with Puck.  Serious issues were brought to the table on that season and it was an amazing season.  I just can’t imagine what it is like to be that young and still trying to figure out yourselves but being in that house having everything taped.  It was also wild to think watching this retro marathon of just how this group was trying to figure out what to do with their lives and looking up online to see what a lot of this group was now doing with their lives.  It is like these seasons of the show freeze these people’s lives in time forever.  I find the show still refreshing in just watching these people trying to figure out who they are becoming.  I think we can all relate to that.  Only disappointment in these episodes.  They were the syndication cuts meaning all the mainstream music that gave such personality and a timestamp on the show was pulled and also there were parts of episodes cut down.  I can’t tell you what they did with the Vegas episodes cause I’ve already made my point there and didn’t watch it in the retro marathon.  In truth, I didn’t watch the San Francisco episodes on TV this weekend.  I pulled out an old VHS tape and watched the original episodes intact and enjoyed every minute of it.  I wanted to get the full effect of watching the show.  The retro marathon was a lot of fun.  The sad was seeing how great these episodes were and then again seeing the promos for the new season and not leaving me any single desire to watch it.  The Real World was great TV back in the day.  It left a huge mark on a generation that still remembers all of these casts. 

So, what new shows am I watching this season?  Not really many but I have two that I love.  One being Nashville and the other being Arrow.  Love both of those shows.  Hopefully I can go more into those shows later. 

That is all that I have for tonight.  Wishing all of you a great weekend ahead.  Take care and God bless!!

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