Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Band Perry - Pioneer - Album Review

The new album by The Band Perry has now been released and I have gotten a chance to listen to it.  Pioneer is the name of the album and it is their sophomore album.  The Band Perry is of course siblings, Kimberly, Neil, and Reid Perry.  They came roaring back to radio with their first single off of this album called "Better Dig Two" a few months ago.  A big rock sounding anthem of love gone wrong.  It just sounded so different from them with the sound and I loved it.  Now, we get the full album.  It gets a big thumbs up from me.  The album definitely has the sound that we all know of from the group which is a great thing.  The group has also evolved a bunch with this album with its sound.  I love this album and enjoyed every song on it.  It definitely has that edgier sound to it.  This album definitely has a feel of "let's take it to the next level".  I felt that right out of the gate when I first heard "Better Dig Two".  I was flipping around the stations the other night while driving and happened on to the second single off of this album which is "DONE."  First thought was I love this song as I kept turning it up and working out my stereo.  LOL.  Track listing for this album is as follows.
1. Better Dig Two
2. DONE.
3. Don't Let Me Be Lonely
4. Pioneer
5. Forever Mine Nevermind
6. Night Gone Wasted
7. I Saw A Light
8. Mother Like Mine
9. Chainsaw
10. I'm A Keeper
11. Back To Me Without You
12. End Of Time

Favorite songs on the album: "Better Dig Two", "DONE.","Don't Let Me Be Lonely", "Mother Like Mine", "I Saw A Light", "I'm A Keeper".

The Band Perry is definitely one of the best up and coming bands right now.  I always enjoy listening to them.  I made sure to turn on my Opry app a couple of months ago to listen to them play the Opry that night and they were a lot of fun.  Crowd was really into them too.  I have really been looking forward to listening to this album and it was not a disappointment.  I highly recommend it.  Pioneer gets a big thumbs up from me!  If you want to check out the album, click here.  Here is the new video for DONE. from The Band Perry.

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