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ATX Television Festival, XBox News, Big Brother Canada, & More - April 29, 2013

If you love 90's TV show reunions, the ATX Television Festival in Austin, TX is the place to be for you on June 6-9.  Party of Five, My So Called Life, and Boy Meets World will all have a presence there.   For Boy Meets World, there will be a special presentation including creator Michael Jacobs, and the cast including Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Maitland Ward, Matthew Lawrence, Lily Nicksay, and Trina McGee.  For Party of Five, there will be a screening with a Q&A with creator Chris Keyser and the cast of Scott Wolf, Scott Grimes, and Paula Devicq.  For My So Called Life, attending will be creator Winnie Holzman and the cast of Bess Armstrong, Devon Gummersall, Devon Odessa, and Wilson Cruz.  Out of the genre of 90's TV and one that really peaked my interest.  There will be a screening and Q&A with the cast of American Dreams.  This would be a lot of fun to see!  In attendance will be creator Jonathan Prince; writers Becky Hartman Edwards, David Semel, Jason Wilborn, and Liz Tigelaar; cast including Arlen Escarpeta, Brittany Snow, Ethan Dampf, Gail O'Grady, Jamie Elman, Rachel Boston, Sarah Ramos, Tom Verica, and Vanessa Lengies.  I would love to attend that!  Hoping there is some way for those of us unable to attend that some of these can be viewed online or something of the sorts.  We'll just have to wait and see.  That isn't all as there will be plenty more from current TV shows and reunions.  For more info, check out the link at:

On to the last week in Big Brother Canada.  Emmett won the HOH competition and that meant trouble for Andrew once again.  Pretty bad when your supposed alliance keeps putting you on the block.  Emmett this week and then Jillian last week.  Up on the block went Gary and Andrew.  Emmett has been playing close to everyone so he would be good with whoever won veto for the week .  The veto competition was held where it was a competition where it was how bad do you want it.  What are you willing to give up to gain points and get closer to the veto?  Gary was ready to give up everything and was fast.  Emmett gained himself $1000 knowing he didn’t need to win the veto.  LOL.  Andrew took the biggest point getter for agreeing to a haircut of Big Brother’s choosing.  However, it wasn’t enough.  Gary had way too many points and took the veto.  He had many punishments.  Andrew got his haircut from Dan.  Yep, Dan from BBUSA was in the Big Brother house this week.  He got things stirred up immediately including me as he announced that he would get to vote to evict one person while he was there.  He was kidding but wow, did it change the mood quick.  Dan got to spend the day in the house and got to talk to everyone.  He gave them advice and had fun with them as well including each of them having to complete a task.  Dan’s advice was good and I was really hoping that many would take the advice and shake the game up.  One being shake up Emmett and Jillian.  Break that couple up.  You have to break them up at this point.  They may have to break it up themselves even and I think they see that as a possibility.  So, Gary uses the veto on himself and Talla is put on the block as the replacement.  Talla’s behavior later on almost puts her in jeopardy of being voted out.  However, Andrew goes home.  His line was best when he said what Dan had advised him on saying that his supposed alliance has put him on the block two weeks in a row.  The HOH competition was taking place as Thursday’s show went off the air.  Another highlight of the week was the latest Marcia the Moose task for Talla who had to host her own talk show in the living room.  She had to respond to every houseguest at least once with “I did not know that”.  This was funny especially with her reaction of trying to figure out who in the world was talking to her in the hallway.  LOL.  One week left of episodes in Big Brother Canada. 
Big Brother Line Of The Week“Get ready for our first fail everyone” – Marcia the moose as Talla walked out to try to accomplish her house task.  

Score a huge win for The Big Bang Theory.  A recent repeat episode topped American Idol in the ratings.

Xbox 360 recently released an app for The CW where you can check out CW programming on there.  You will be able to stream full episodes 24 hours after they air and it will not require being a cable or satellite subscriber.  Definitely another option at watching CW programming if you're interested.

Speaking of Xbox, the news this week is that they will announce the plans for the new Xbox on May 21st.  There is going to be a lot of people focusing on that announcement to see what the plans are in the continuing gaming console battles.

Funny or Die has released a very funny video featuring screenwriter, Michael Arndt on his first day writing Star Wars Episode VII.  

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