Thursday, May 2, 2013

Controversy On The Big Brother Canada Finale

Tonight's Big Brother Canada finale had all kinds of twists to it and the biggest part was the ending.  Earlier this week, Talla was evicted from the Big Brother house after Emmett had to break the final two deal with her.  He actually had to break it with someone cause he had a final two deal with everyone.  LOL.  Such is the game of Big Brother.  That got us to tonight's two hour finale.  Emmett, Jillian, and Gary competed in part one of the HOH.  They had to balance a bucket of red fluid which symbolized blood on their hands from the Big Brother game while there was pictures of the evicted houseguests around them.  Jillian lost after the one hour mark.  Gary then lost at the four hour and five minute mark.  That gave Emmett the part one win.  With part one being endurance, part two was a physical timed competition with Gary and Jillian.  16:20 for Jillian.  Gary's was 12:38 and that included a penalty.  Gary won the second part.  We then saw the jury house where Andrew was talking about his demise with them trying to decide if Emmett or Jillian was his downfall.  Talla then joined the party with her telling how Emmett got her out.  Good discussion among the jury as they discussed who had played the better game of the final three.  That got us to part three with Emmett and Gary having to do a true/false challenge with each having to guess what was the strategy of the evicted houseguests when they entered the house.  Gary ended up winning a close battle and won the final HOH.  Emmett was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Wow, was all I could think.  That changed the whole finish of the game with Emmett going out and sealed a win for Gary was my first thought.  No way does Gary lose to Jillian with the feelings of that jury and Gary knew that.  The jury then got their first look at the last evictee.  Emmett looked furious there and he had to take abuse from Talla and Andrew with Andrew saying, well, you should have kept me for the final three.  Peter brought the heat immediately saying that he wanted her to explain why she deserved to be in the final two and not mention Emmett or competition wins. Jillian tried her best to answer the question.  Andrew questions Jillian on the final two deal asking if their deal was a lie?  Jillian said that she did not want to see him leave the house saying she had to vote the way she voted to stay in the house.  Emmett questioned Gary on how he could think he deserved the win more than Jillian especially over Emmett sitting there on jury.  With the final speeches, Jillian seemed very panicked with her speech not knowing how to convince this jury that she knew had ill feelings toward her.  Gary's was very much a motivational kind of speech.  So, then we get to the vote.  I had a feeling that it had potential to be close but some of this jury was hard to read. Would they vote game or vote personal?  That is always the question.  So, here were the results of the voting.  Voting for Gary were AJ, Alec, and Peter.  Voting for Jillian were Emmett, Talla, Andrew, and Topaz.  Topaz's name is in there.  When that vote was read, I immediately thought, wow, I need to stop trying to predict anything on this finale.  I did not see that happening at all.  Well, it turns out that she was as shocked as all of us.  Topaz roamed up there questioning the vote and she did in fact vote for Jillian but meant to vote for Gary.  Wow!!  I have often watched Big Brother and Survivor and thought to myself about how these people vote out people all season and suddenly have to vote FOR a winner.  I have thought about whether there would ever be a time when someone might get their head out of the game on changing the pattern and mess up.  We obviously don't know the story on Topaz yet on what happened but her vote was the swing vote.  Jillian wins on a 4-3 vote and controversy ensues.  Wow, everyone just seemed stunned with how to react to the controversy.  Outside of that vote, I have to say that the Talla vote surprised me a bit.  I thought she would vote for Gary.  That is it for the first season of Big Brother Canada.  Crazy finale.

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