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Veronica Mars Movie, Survivor, Big Brother Canada, NBA Playoffs, & More - April 20, 2013

My heart obviously goes out to everyone in Boston and Texas during this horrible week. God bless you all!  Pray for Boston and pray for Texas during this difficult time.

The Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign broke all sorts of Kickstarter records. Highest funded film in Kickstarter history.  The last record to be topped was the most number of backers and that record went down on the last day of the campaign.  91,585 total people that backed the project and the final money total was $5,702,153.  87,143 was the previous record holder for amount of backers.  Rob Thomas broke two stories on his Twitter @robthomas this week including that the script was done and that production meetings had started to plan this movie out.  Now, you know of course that I jumped in and backed this project too.  If you thought anything different, what were you thinking?  LOL.  Happy to be a backer of this movie and I am excited to see it.  

This week’s Survivor had a tribal council that was like a million dollar high stakes card game.  Cards got thrown into play that weren’t expected and then you know what cards players are holding but you don’t know if they will play them or bluff.  It was a tribal council that saw a huge game shift that involved plenty of immunity being shown.  Malcolm has been working on trying to wait for his time to flip the game by teaming up with Reynold and Eddie.  He thought he had worked it out last week to get the numbers but it went bad on him and Michael was voted out.  This week, their bed had been made and they were ready to lay in it to see what happens.  The immunity challenge was won by Reynold with Malcolm coming in second.  Phillip sat out the challenge talking about not being able to handle it due to the challenge being similar to a bad situation that he had as a child.  Things get really interesting when the search gets going between several to find the hidden immunity idol that ended up back in the game after the previous episode.  Malcolm finds it right in front of Andrea and Dawn.  So, they know he has a hidden immunity idol and tell the rest of their alliance.  What they didn’t know was that he already had another one.  That made two idols that Malcolm had.  So, the plan is made to flush an idol and get rid of Eddie since they couldn’t vote for Reynold.  Things go quickly wrong for Stealth R Us when idol talk begins.  Andrea mentions that Malcolm had found the idol and he goes ahead with showing the idol.  Then, he shows the other idol that he has and hands it over to Eddie.  This puts a lot of people into meltdown mode and we get what may go down as the most confused group at a tribal council ever.  Jeff Probst was not even on the radar of most of the people at tribal council as he continued to talk to several.  The rest were in a panic looking at one another trying to figure out what in the world they were going to do now? It was awesome TV.  I cracked up at Cochran who said this is why he is a fan and loved Survivor cause he knew fans would be going nuts watching on their couches at home.  Then, Malcolm makes the announcement that they were going to vote for Phillip and that it was up to the rest on what they wanted to do.  That got more wheels turning with the rest trying to decide.  I laughed at the chaos of this thing when Dawn and Brenda are talking with them trying to decide to vote for Andrea but it being pointed out on how do they get that word down to the other end of the group.  Phillip said to stick with what they already had planned which was to split the vote.  The idols were both played and wiped out the votes.  Phillip was then voted out.  Wow is all that can be said.  What a tribal council shocker and I just kept watching with a huge smile on my face not believing what I was seeing.  It is still a six to three deficit for Malcolm, Reynold, and Eddie but if they can pull some people over, the numbers and power in the game could change quickly.

On to the week in Big Brother Canada.  First of all, it is so great to hear that there are so many people that are into this show.  It really is great and the twists and extra things going on in the house make it so much fun.  They didn’t do anything for the houseguests in BBUS last summer.  That house was so dull especially in the last half of the season and it seemed our only hope for anything interesting was a Pandora’s Box.  Every episode of Big Brother Canada seems to have something fun along with the game.  So, last week, we were left with the HOH competition underway as the show went off the air on Thursday.  Jillian won HOH.  That put a target on a bunch of people and it just became a deal of who to put up and who could be replacements.  Emmett had to do damage control with Talla and Andrew for putting Talla up on the block during the double eviction episode.  Jillian put Peter and Andrew on the block for nomination this week.  That put all the pressure on the veto competition.  That was won by Andrew.  There was controversy though when Emmett advanced to the second round and he started to help Jillian by giving her advice in between rounds.  Clearly gave her advice.  Big Brother looked at the video and they disqualified Emmett for breaking the rules of not being able to give advice or help other houseguests.  He did not take that well at all screaming and venting to everyone.  Funny moment when Jillian called out Peter in the DR for being a sore loser when Peter overturned the puzzle after he lost out of frustration.  Yet, we’re watching Emmett losing his mind and Jillian also being vocal about what was clearly a break of the rules.  I laughed at that ironic DR commentary.  Andrew took himself off the block in the veto ceremony.  Jililan put Talla up as a replacement putting her against Peter.  Peter did stir some noise by at least getting in Emmett and Jillian’s head a bit about an alliance between Andrew and Talla.  How it could work against the HOH couple.  It didn’t work though as Peter was voted out on a 2-0 vote.  It isn’t over though.  We still had the story of who would get voted back in the house.  We saw the jury house of AJ, Alec, Gary, and Topaz.  Things were calm there until the arrival of Alec and Topaz and drama stirred over hurt feelings of the happenings of their exits.  They were brought to the show and told of the twist of one of them being voted back in.  That person was Gary which was not a surprise.  I knew he would be the one of the four that would win a fan vote.  So, Gary is back in the house and where he aligns will be big.  My first thought is that Gary will team up with Andrew and Talla making a 3 to 2 advantage against Emmett and Jillian.  So, what do I think from here?  I think Gary has a real chance to win this game as does Andrew.  Emmett has a strong chance as well but he has to be the number one target at this point to get out of the game if possible.  I just don’t see Jillian winning this game at this point.  She doesn’t seem to get that making five million deals and then breaking them is going to work against you with the jury.  It is going to be hard for her to overcome that.  I just don’t Talla being any kind of a threat to win cause she just hasn’t done enough to get that jury to sway toward her.  For me, I think Andrew and Gary are in the best spots right now but we’ll see how this plays out.  As far as extra happenings this week, the freeze reward task was fun.  The houseguests had to stop and freeze every time they were told to by Big Brother and not move until told.  If they did this, they would win a prize.  Funny stuff as we had a sumo wrestler come into the house at one point with a hilarious staredown with a frozen Andrew.  Then, we had cheerleaders come into the house doing cheers. Also hilarious that Andrew missed all of this cause he happened to be frozen in the wrong direction and had his backs to them.  The best was the last freeze which had Andrew’s twin brother come in the house and talk to Andrew.  Andrew couldn’t move or say anything to his brother.  He stood there with tears in his eyes and his brother made sure to not let him say anything and ruin the task.  They won the task and each got a video chat with family members in the living room.  Then, we had the have not competitions which was lost by Andrew and Talla.  They had to serve the others and wake up early to do cleaning and such.  Talla was not having this and having a meltdown at it.  Andrew was constantly on her about it getting up and helping. Then, we got the hilarious commentary of the two of them watching and doing commentary on the reward of the winning meal outside for Emmett and Peter. Just really fun extra stuff going on this week. 

Big Brother Line of the Week: “Talla is not a morning person.  I don’t think she’s an anytime of the day person when it comes to serving people or being a have not”. – Andrew in the DR talking about Talla on their hilarious back and forth battle with their loss of the have not challenge.

Are you behind on the season 11 comic books of Smallville?  Well, here is a quick way to help you get closer to being caught up.  The first paperback edition of the comic will be released on April 23 and is called "Guardian".  I will definitely be picking this up.  You can check it out here

The NBA Playoffs tip off this weekend.  The big story of the west in the last week was the Lakers trying to get into the playoffs and Kobe Bryant’s injury.  The Lakers story has been a tough one all year with the struggles and it just seems as Kobe was trying so hard to just get them into the playoffs that his body finally broke down on him.  Tough to see Kobe have to sit out and go out that way.  So, now what can the Lakers do?  I think a matchup with the Spurs is better than it would have been against the Thunder.  In the west, we have (1) Oklahoma City against (8) Houston, (2) San Antonio against (7) LA Lakers, (3) Denver against (6) Golden State, and (4) LA Clippers against (5) Memphis.  Some interesting match ups there.  The Clippers will have to avenge their loss last year to the Grizzlies and this could be a tough match up once again.  Denver is a team that has been underrated all year and could make some noise.  They have had some injuries lately so we’ll have to wait and see how that effects them.  Can Oklahoma City once again come out of the west?  That is the big question.  In the east, we have (1) Miami against (8) Milwaukee, (2) New York against (7) Boston, (3) Indiana against (6) Atlanta, and (4) Brooklyn against (5) Chicago.  For me, the wild card in the east is the Bulls.  There is no way to predict it.  This team has fought all season and done so well without Derrick Rose and with so many injuries to other players with the lineup switching almost by every game.  Who will be healthy and what if Derrick Rose decides he is good to go in the middle of the playoffs?  This could shake up the east big time.  Miami has had another big season and had that long winning streak that was ended by Chicago.  Is New York for real?  That has been a major question all season and that Boston/New York matchup in the first round could be very good.  That rivalry has been intense at times this season.  It is setting up to be a fun NBA Playoffs.

Have a great rest of the day!  Take care and God bless!!

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