Friday, November 16, 2012

Nashville Brings the Music and the Drama on ABC

Nashville has been one of the most promoted new shows of the season.  Critically acclaimed and building a big fan following as well.  I have become a big fan of the show as well.  Nashville follows the story of several different characters in the music industry.  There are a lot of stories.  The country legend battling executives and fighting to continue doing what she wants to do with her music.  The young up and comer with the attitude.  The song writers who are looking to get their songs out there.  The fresh faces just seeing if there is a start for them in the business.  The main focus of the show from the beginning was the battle between the country legend, Rayna James and the young up and comer, Juliette Barnes.  The two not liking each other at all and showing the division between them.  This while also battling their executives trying to get them to work together.  The focus has kind of faded a bit as far as the two of them against each other but that looks to be changing with next week's episode.  Lately, the focus of the story for Juliette has been her troubled mom and also the shoplifting incident that put her career into a tail spin.  Rayna has been battling to try and get her music her way.  She is also dealing with her dad and husband who is getting into a very ugly mayoral fight.  Then, we have the song writer, Deacon.  He has been caught in the middle of the Rayna and Juliette feud while also battling troubles of his past.  The fresh faces of Scarlett and Gunnar who have a magical chemistry together while singing.  It turned somewhat into a love triangle but is basically a love square at this point.  Scarlett having a boyfriend in Avery who has been a struggling musician.  Their relationship is way past rocky now while Gunnar has a romance starting of his own.  I have really enjoyed this show.  The production is really good and just the locations that they have chosen to do scenes at has been great and shows off the beauty of the city.  Nashville has become one of my two favorite new shows of the season.  The cast has been all over the place including the Grand Ole Opry making their debuts there.  Some debuts have happened and some are upcoming very shortly.  Hayden Panettiere has a breakout song already from the show that is now getting airplay.  Here is her video for "Telescope".  Good luck on getting this song out of your head when you hear it!  Catchy as can be.

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