Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Do You Think About Me" Brings A Wedding Proposal At The Atlantic City Stop On Carrie Underwood's Blown Away Tour

It has been quite the tour for Carrie Underwood so far.  The Blown Away tour has been a huge hit across the country.  Several videos went viral over the first kiss moment for Chase several weeks back.  A huge random American Idol audition that included an appearance by Randy Jackson and a girl that brought it with her surprise audition performance. That was a big buzz from the tour early on.  However, I loved this video of a tour stop last week in Atlantic City on November 9th.  During her performance of "Do You Think About Me?", Carrie looked down and noticed a guy proposing to his girlfriend in the crowd.  It looks like Carrie had the best view of it of everyone and put the attention on the moment.  She got emotional watching it as well.  Carrie is a sweetheart for sure!  Congrats to the newly engaged couple! 

Here is another video showing a better shot of how happy Carrie was by the moment. 

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