Friday, November 16, 2012

Firefly Celebrates Ten Years - Brown Coats Unite

Has it really been ten years since Firefly premiered?  Sadly to go with that statement is has it really been ten years since Firefly was canceled?  Has there ever been a show that lasted three months that has meant more to fans?  That is my question.  This Joss Whedon juggernaut of a show premiered on Fox in 2002.  The show built such a big following in that time and the release of the DVD not long after took the show to another level.  With Firefly being canceled, I guess I shouldn't be surprised because it is Fox.  I have had that network cancel too many shows early on.  I grew tired long ago of new shows being pushed to the moon, getting me interested, and then leaving me hanging after just a few episodes.  I actually don't want anything new on Fox.  It's like TV watching strategy 101 with me.  Thankfully all of us fans got that amazing box set of episodes that did get finished.  Then, the push for the movie, Serenity, that wrapped it all up nicely for us.  The Whedonverse is a powerful force and Firefly fandom still continues to this day and it is strong as ever.  This year's Comic Con hosted a panel looking back at ten years.  The Science Channel has been airing Firefly shows and usually in a marathon style format.  From the addictive theme song to the great stories, dialogue, and action, Firefly continues to fly with the fans.  The Science Channel also recently aired a ten year retrospective with most of the cast taking part in a roundtable discussion.  Several that weren't able to participate in the roundtable due to scheduling conflicts were interviewed separately and included in the special.  From what I understand, Joss Whedon was not available at the time to be included in the roundtable discussion.  The roundtable was a lot of fun and they took us inside the story of the show being launched, what the show has meant to them, and how it has continued on.  The talk of the cancellation was brought up and it just brought that group even closer together when it happened.  Make no mistake, that is a family right there.  You can see it every time that they are together.  One of the most frustrating things of the special was the story pitches that were discussed by several in the roundtable.  Stories of episodes that never got made.  As I'm hearing these stories, I can see these episodes in my head and they would absolutely work.  Ugh!!!  I tend to agree with what the rest said with the fact that they don't think Firefly is done.  Most of the cast and crew seems to be on board for any future project that might come up.  When Arrested Development got the big return in that tie in with Netflix, many suggested that Firefly be the next show to get that kind of a deal.  You never know but there are so many ways to get this show out there now regardless or what route.  I think Firefly will return in some sort of form in the future outside of the comic book realm.  It means too much to too many people to just sit dormant.  I, for one, hope it happens.  The show still remains one of my favorites of all time.  Ten years later, people still talk about this great show and want more.  If you weren't able to catch the ten year anniversary special, be on the lookout for repeats of it cause it is absolutely worth watching.  If you did see it, how about some deleted scenes?  Here you go.

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