Thursday, November 15, 2012

TV Guide Asks - Who Has The Best TV Fans?

TV Guide has a poll up at the moment that is worth checking out.  Definitely worth checking out if you want to get in there and support your favorites of what fan base that you are in.  This is a strong poll of choices too with big campaign pushing favorites in it.  Glad that they let you choose five cause picking one would be even tougher.  Picking five isn't the easiest of choices either.  I obviously have the five that I will get behind because I am or have been a part of them.  I have to even pick and choose among my favorites and leave some out.  However, I look at this list and I see just the strong fan bases outside of the shows that I support.  Knowing what they have done to keep their shows going.  It is almost kind of unfair to make you pick between Buffy and Firefly. It's like you just need to group those together.  Let's face it.  The Whedonverse is going to support their own.  I say this as a part of the fandom of the Whedonverse.  Where Joss Whedon goes, the fan base goes.  Period. Firefly also just had their ten year anniversary celebration.  Yes, ten year celebration for a show that was on for three months before being canceled.  The fan base of the show is still huge after such a short run.  I love that brown coats!  Arrested Development just got resurrected from a fan base that has stayed with that show and had a craving for more.  Chuck set a huge bar with the Subway campaign and more with keeping that show going.  That fan base has been die hard since it launched at Comic Con several years ago.  Roswell is a nice one to see included with all the big time fan campaigns launched that had to go snail mail and relied on fan sites and message boards mostly which is different to the social media age of today.  Jericho was a show that I did not watch but I know the fan base it had and the support it had.  Smallville has the built in fan base that still continues to push in the comic world after a ten year run on TV.  Star Trek has a built in fan base going back decades.  I haven't mentioned all of my favorites in this post and where my votes are going but it is one of the more fun polls I have seen in a while.  I definitely have my favorites that I am voting for keeping in mind that I was a part of several of these fan campaigns over the years.  What are you waiting for?  Go vote for your favorites!

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