Friday, January 6, 2012

One Tree Hill Approaches Its Final Season - January 6, 2012

Wednesday, January 11th will bring a night that is exciting but yet very bittersweet for One Tree Hill fans. That is the night that the final season begins. A countdown to goodbye if you will. I count myself in that category as well cause I am also a long time fan of the show. I still remember the fall of 2003 when I saw this show called One Tree Hill and gave it a view one night. At the time, I was missing Dawson's Creek as I was a huge fan of that show. Here comes One Tree Hill and it was ready to fill that niche and there was also the great thing of it filming in the same city in Wilmington. I was working nights by myself at my job. I tuned in to watch the pilot episode on the WB. The first episode laid the ground work of all of these great characters that we've ran a ton of different emotions with over the years. I was hooked the second that Lucas nailed that turn around fade away on Nathan as the crowd celebrated along with "Rest In Pieces" playing in the background. I still do remember that night of watching that show and around nine years later, it is this feeling of growing up with these characters. Some have moved on, some have stayed, and some have returned but they left a mark on One Tree Hill fans. Last night was the One Tree Hill event in Los Angeles and there were a lot of tears by all reports from the event coming from fans, the crew, and the cast. This show has left a mark on all of them. Just the fact that they would do an event like this says a lot about that group. One Tree Hill is truly one of the most fan friendly shows that I have ever seen. They interact with the fans. They seek input from the fans. They love the fans. So, the excitement level kicks in as we wait for this final season premiere next week. The show has wrapped as far as filming and you could feel the emotions from the cast just by reading the comments on Twitter from that week. What is going to happen this final season? Well, I haven't read any spoilers and nor do I want to. It's going to be a big one just based on the comments from the cast and crew last night in LA. Want a tease of this season? Well, here is a video that the CW has put out to promote it.

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