Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jana Kramer Finishes One Tree Hill and Already Setting Records With Her Music Career - January 19, 2012

Jana Kramer wrapped up her time on One Tree Hill with Tuesday night's episode. Life imitated art for Jana just like it did for her character, Alex Dupre. Alex was written off the rest of the season as she pursued her music dream leaving her romance with Chase behind. The tour was set up by none other than Chris Keller. Disappointing that we won't get any more scenes with the characters of Alex and Chris because they were gold on just two episodes. Actually, it was gold in just the first episode. Now, Jana Kramer is following her real life music career dream. Her songs have been featured on the show over the last several months and gotten a lot of buzz. Fitting that on the day of her last show airing, the news came out that she set a record with her single, "Why You Wanna", becoming the most added new country artist to radio since the start of the Country Air/MediaCheck chart was started. I like the song more everytime I hear it with how catchy it is. Definitely a very radio friendly song. Her songs are available to download on iTunes and doing very well. Jana will have her debut album released later this year from Warner Music Nashville. Haven't heard her new song "What I Love About Your Love"? Well, here you go with the music video debut.

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