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Favorite One Tree Hill Episodes Over The Years - January 11, 2012

One Tree Hill begins its farewell season tonight on The CW. It should be a roller coaster ride of emotions for all of us fans. It will be exciting thought. Also, be sure to check out Jana Kramer's new song, "What I Love About Your Love" on tonight's episode. It is also already available for purchase on iTunes as well.

With tonight's premiere, I thought it might be fun to look back on some of my favorite episodes over the years. These are in no order at all. These are just some of my favorite episodes and doesn't necessarily have to revolve around a major happening in the show. Plus, maybe I'll pick some that don't get as much attention. Although I'm noticing I have a lot of the more popular ones on this list.

Season One - The Pilot. I wrote about this in another article but One Tree Hill was a show that I knew I needed to check out at the time of the premiere. I checked out the premiere and got hooked into the story immediately. The build of these characters throughout the series premiere led us to the river court for the big showdown with Lucas and Nathan. The showdown had so much drama around it. When Lucas nailed that turnaround jumper against Nathan to win the shot as "Rest In Pieces" played in the background, I was immediately a fan. It was the perfect ending to that episode. One of One Tree Hill's strong points has always been music and the right song can take a scene to a whole different level. This scene set the stage for Lucas joining the basketball team, getting noticed by Peyton, and Nathan getting his reality shaken quite a bit by his brother.

Season Two - I Will Dare. The new troublemaker in town, Felix, gets a dare night going for the Tree Hill crew. This puts many in awkward situations but provides a lot of laughs too. How about that karaoke session with Mouth and Skillz? LOL. Lucas meets Anna which we later get the big twist of learning it is Felix's sister. Peyton makes a big admission. One of those episodes that I still remember years later with a lot of memorable moments.

Season Four - Some Your Give Away. The center of this episode is obviously on the state championship game and the drama surrounding it. Nathan is stuck with a tough decision on his hands with the betting drama. He agrees to throw the game which means he gets frozen out by his teammates when word gets out over what is going on. Nathan's mind is changed and the Ravens go for the win. Lucas has the big game moment which brings the house down with cheers. Whitey gets his big moment as well. Then, we get the moment of Lucas and Peyton getting back together that was replayed for seasons after that. Triumph turns to tragedy quickly as Nathan's decision effects his wife. Haley is hit by Daunte's car leaving her and the baby in serious condition. In typical One Tree Hill drama fashion, as Lucas is checking on her, down he goes with a heart problem. I remember watching this thinking you have got to be kidding me, they are both down!! LOL. Dan takes the fall for Nathan after Nathan ends up finishing off Daunte for what he did. A LOT happened in this episode and had your emotions all over the place. When I think big episodes, this is one that always comes to mind.

Season Four - It Gets The Worst At Night. I love this episode for several reasons. The biggest is the tie in with the town that got to host the show for this episode, Honey Grove, TX. If you haven't seen the extra on the season four DVD set, you really need to check it out as there is a great featurette about the making of this episode and how the town of Honey Grove welcomed them in. The story of the episode is that Mouth is in jail and the gang takes off to go help him after getting a hilarious text. They end up getting a retake of their high school prom after things didn't go so well at Tree Hill with their original prom night. It also provides a funny return for Chris Keller. LOL. That is a lot of fun and just the overall atmosphere of taking the show on the road and including the local fans in it was a lot of fun.

Season Four - All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone. The end of the high school era for the Tree Hill gang. We finally have the birth of Jamie Scott. Lily is born. Dan turns himself in after a season full of guilt. A farewell party ensues with a lot of closure happening among the gang followed by a farewell at the river court. One of the best moments of the episode is Mouth doing what he has wanted to do for years and that is go and kiss Brooke Davis. Hilarious stuff especially with her shocked reaction to it.

Season Five - For Tonight You're Only Here To Know. The gang returns to Tree Hill High for the first high school basketball game. Some familiar faces coaching the Ravens. Mouth goes back to his roots for getting his media savvy self going. The girls end up back in the library….for longer than they had planned after the door locks them inside. This brings back Tim as the pizza delivery guy who was supposed to be their ticket out of the library. Instead, he gets to take part in the reunion. After revealing that he knew how to have opened the door at any time, he says that nobody would have stayed and hung out if he had opened the door which I thought was a fitting end to that episode. The drama and heat between Lindsey and Peyton comes to a head as their boiling point is reached and Peyton reveals that they had been proposed to with the very same ring. I also thought this episode was an even bigger launching pad for Mia. It got her involved with the crew and showed her as a major part of the new post high school era.

Season Five - Hundred. These weddings at Tree Hill never go well. LOL. You just cringe waiting for something to go wrong. Well, not all of them go bad as we saw last season with Brooke and Julian but history was not on their side. This episode had a little bit of everything. Lindsey leaves Lucas at the altar. Jamie gets kidnapped by nanny Carrie. Dan ends up being the hero….and later gets beaten up for it. LOL. I loved the shot and reaction of Jamie returning back to his family after Dan saved him. Perfection with how it was done. We also saw a lot of familiar faces return for the wedding.

Season Six - Forever and Almost Always. The wedding day finally arrives for Lucas and Peyton. Haley ends up being brought in as the substitute minister which was a fun moment with the best friend getting to marry Lucas and Peyton. Julian getting punched by Nick Lachey after saying it's hot and must be 98 degrees in there was hilarious. The whole back and forth with jealousy being played between Brooke and Julian was funny throughout. I love the stuff with Jamie being on a leash hooked to Skillz after what happened at the last wedding. Just thought that was hilarious.

Season Eight - Darkness On The Edge of Town. This was one of the most thrill riding hours of TV that I've ever seen. A storm hits Tree Hill and it fits the mood all around. Brooke ends up in a life threatening situation with Jamie as Julian saves the day. Katie returns to face off with Quinn in a stress filled sequence throughout the show. I felt like I even needed to go take a breath after watching this episode. LOL. Just one of the most on the edge of your seat episodes of the whole series run.

Season Eight - This Is My House, This Is My Home. This very well could have served as a great series finale if it had ended up being that. A lot of time is covered in this episode and a lot happens. Brooke and Julian ended up getting more than they bargained for as they end up with not just one baby but two. Haley and Brooke reopen Karen's Cafe. Chase goes off to the Air Force leaving Alex but also Chuck. Chase and Alex reunite at the end and let me just say that I am a huge Jana Kramer fan. I think she is great on this show and that character of Alex has evolved so much over the last few seasons. This episode which showed a year of events was so well done. The ending sequence showing Jamie Scott dribbling that basketball over that bridge could not have been more perfect. It made me think how I demand that they do that shot again for the series finale. I also wondered how do you top that full circle moment for the last shot of the series? I guess we'll have to wait and see what they came up with for the end of the show.

Just some of my many favorite episodes. So many of my favorites that can't even fit in a list. This show has provided so many great memories over the years and tonight begins the farewell. It is definitely this feeling among fans that we have grown up with these characters and are now waiting to see what happens with their lives. Have fun watching the premiere tonight! Take care and God bless!!

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