Thursday, January 19, 2012

Idol Ratings Down, Survivor One World Cast Announced - January 19, 2012

Is American Idol getting lost in the mix? That is a lot of the big talk during the last week as the season premiere of Idol got closer and closer. Then, this morning came the news that the ratings were down fairly significantly from the previous season for last night's premiere. 24% drop last year but it should still be pointed out that the show still had over 21 million viewers last night. I didn't watch it. I do have it DVR'd but I'm not sure if I'll take the time to watch it. I guess it just depends on what else there is to watch or do. With Idol now sharing time with The X Factor and The Voice, there is a lot of music competition shows out there taking up TV time. A LOT of TV time. I spoke earlier that I really liked The X Factor but the episodes were just too long to commit to every week. Something that kind of run me out with Idol in recent years was where we were getting one hour results shows when we really didn't need it and felt like a ratings grab. I just haven't been able to get interested in Idol in recent years and that is way down from when I was glued to it years ago. The Voice will have its second season premiere following the Super Bowl. I do plan on tuning into that. The audition format was something so fun and unique with that show that it hooked me. Plus, a lot of good talent on there to go along with the fun format. It will be interesting to see where fans of this genre of TV put their viewership on these shows. Will it be to all of them, some of them, or one of them?

Survivor released its cast list for the new season. One World is the theme this year with the castaways being in two tribes but living on the same island. Redemption Island is also gone for this season which is a good thing probably. It was an interesting twist but I think another season of it would get kind of boring. It was starting to get to the borderline of boring toward the end of last season. One thing I like about Survivor is that they are on top of things when to do and not do something. It appears that we have no returning cast members this season and have a fresh cast. So, what about the cast? Here we go.

Nina Acosta - 51 - retired LA policewoman.
Jay Byars - 25 - model.
Christina Cha - 29 - career consultant.
Monica Culpepper - 41 - wife of a retired NFL player.
Colton Cumbie - 21 - college student.
Kat Edorsson - 22 - timeshare rep.
Michael Jefferson - 30 - banker.
Leif Manson - 27 - phlebotomist.
Chelsea Meissner - 26 - medical sales.
Kourtney Moon - 29 - motorcycle repair.
Jonas Otsuji - 37 - sushi chef.
Bill Posley - 28 - stand up comedian.
Matt Quinian - 33 - attorney.
Alicia Rose - 25 - special ed teacher.
Troy Robertson - 50 - swimsuit photographer.
Greg Smith - 64 - plastic surgeon.
Kim Spradlin - 29 - bridal shop owner.
Sabrina Thompson - 33 - highs school teacher.

Here is a peek at Survivor One World.

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