Tuesday, December 7, 2010

American Country Awards Winners, Survivor Sees Two Leave The Game, One Tree Hill, 90210 - December 7, 2010

The first ever American Country Awards were held last night from Las Vegas and airing on Fox. Carrie Underwood was the big winner taking home all six awards that she was nominated for including Artist Of The Year, Female Artist Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Female Single Of The Year, Touring Headline Package Of The Year, and Female Music Video for "Cowboy Casanova". Lady Antebellum was the next with the most wins taking home four awards including Duo or Group Of The Year, Single Of The Year, Group Single Of The Year, and also Duo or Group Music Video all for "Need You Now". Brad Paisley won the honor for Male Artist Of The Year.

One thing was made very clear with the tickets that did go on sale for Taylor Swift's upcoming tour. If you want tickets for upcoming dates, you had better be waiting to buy when they go on sale. Even then, you aren't guaranteed to get them. She reportedly sold out two shows at Staples Center in Los Angeles in two minutes and sold out another huge venue in five minutes.
Tonight's One Tree Hill will be the last before the show goes on its annual hiatus. This looks like an intense episode coming up tonight which will see Quinn getting a return visit from Katie. The previews look like something straight out of a horror movie. Things aren't looking good for Brooke in this episode either. I have a feeling that I will be yelling nooooo at the end of this episode when I realize we're left with some major cliffhangers.

Since I'm on the topic of shows leaving us with cliffhangers, let's get to 90210. This season has been more enjoyable for me. Do I like everything? No, but I like more than I don't like and the show has settled down. I'm enjoying the Adrianna storyline with how it has turned out. She has went from victim to flying high with the deal of becoming a pop star and how she went about it. Interesting to see how they have turned the tide on her with us almost having sympathy for her manager now. She has basically chased off Navid and sent him right to Silver which I've been enjoying watching cause I like those two characters with how they play off of one another. When I saw Liam arrive hurt at Annie's house, I thought, uh oh, it's Dylan and Brenda all over again. Fresh off the break up, he's hurt and arrives at Brenda's house hurt. Then, the two start getting back together. Granted that Liam and Annie haven't been a couple obviously but the teases have been there. They have really worked hard on making Ivey a central character this season as well and we're really seen a lot in building her character up.

Survivor has been a hot topic for the last week due to having two people quit the game. NaOnka and Kelly quit the game with only eleven days left. I don't know if I was surprised or not by them quitting. I was not surprised at NaOnka cause she has been threatening to quit for a while now. Wow, she sure did get that last shot in at her cast mates for taking the reward despite the fact that she was going to get to eat later in the night after quitting. Kelly has been laying back more in the background. The two just couldn't take anymore and Kelly has talked about just how sick that she was while doing her post show interviews. With people quitting, you're going to make jury members furious who could still be in the game and want to be in the game. Jeff Probst did a blog last week talking about how he would like to see the rule changed where if you quit the game, you give up your right to sit on the jury. It was an interesting read which you can check out here: http://popwatch.ew.com/2010/12/02/jeff-probst-blogs-survivor-nicaragua-episode-12/

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