Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One Tree Hill Brings A Storm - December 7, 2010

One Tree Hill went into its hiatus with a huge episode. Thank you for not leaving me on a cliffhanger tonight. What an episode!! The episode had a central problem of a huge storm which caused chaos all around. It was drama filled from start to finish and was one of the biggest cheer at the TV kind of episodes that they've done. That scene where Quinn showed back up at the door after the fall into the pool was just awesome. I was cheering big time when she reappeared. If you missed it, Katie returned to finish off Quinn so she could have Clay to herself. It turned into a fight to the finish. Quinn ended up shooting Katie in the same spot where the previous shooting had happened at. Katie was taken out of there by the paramedics and was alive. That was Quinn's point of view on it was that she was going to have more dignity than to leave somebody laying there suffering for over ten hours. The other drama of the episode centered around Brooke. Lauren took the kids home from the spelling bee which included Jamie. An accident happened on the bridge and Brooke come up on the vehicle laying on its side. Why was Brooke on the road? She had a fight with Julian after he wanted them to move back to LA. She needed to get away and into the storm she went. Brooke was able to clear the vehicle of everyone except for Jamie. She was unable to cut him free. Julian showed up on the scene after he was cut off from Brooke on the phone. Another vehicle came along and struck Lauren's vehicle knocking it from the bridge. Note that this was a hit and run as the driver took off. It ended up with Julian fighting under water to get Jamie and now Brooke free. Then, of course the levee breaks sending water flying into them. Jamie is freed and Julian is finally able to free Brooke after she loses consciousness. The finish of this was an intense moment with Haley and Nathan coming up on the accident and seeing Julian trying to save Brooke. She eventually comes back but it was another cheer at your TV type moment wanting Brooke to breathe. Just an amazing episode tonight and I'm just thankful that we didn't get left on a cliffhanger until the end of January. One Tree Hill definitely knows how to do these really intense episodes and get you on the edge of your seat. They've done it for many years with the show. So, now that this episode is over, I think I'll leave the TV and see if I can go and try to breathe now. LOL.

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