Friday, December 3, 2010

We'reGoingBack.Com's Back To The Future Celebration Is A Big Hit, A Preview Of The New Back To The Future Video Game - December 3, 2010

I love that it is 2010 and there is so much Back To The Future stuff to talk about this week. Here are a couple of Back To The Future items besides my Blu-ray review. I've been following the happenings of We''s Back To The Future event that recently took place in California. I wasn't even there and I can see how fun and impressive that it was. I'm thankful for all the people that have posted pictures and video from the event. The event kicked off with the screening of the movie at the mall that was known as Twin Pines Mall in the movie. They had a lot of fun which was complete with a reenactment of the mall chase scene. I loved seeing all the film tour locations. It's hard to pick a favorite cause they're all so great but it is so hard to go against seeing them putting a Delorean on the railroad track used at the end of BTTF 3 which was the scene where Marty returned to 1985 and had the Delorean destroyed. Seeing it back on that track was just incredible even just seeing videos and pictures of it. How great to see the Delorean shut down traffic at the railroad crossing. Just awesome. They also had a hoverboard event which looked like a lot of fun. The event ended with the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance which took place in the same location as the movie. Keep in mind that there were a lot of the stars from the trilogy in attendance at several of the events through the week. I wish I could have made it to this event as it looked incredible. Kudos to everyone who was in charge of this event and did such a great job. The fan reaction has been big time positive and it looks like a great time was had by all. Here are some of my favorite videos that I've seen from the event:
The Delorean Returns To The Tracks:

The Mall Chase Scene Reenactment:

Hoverboarding 101:

Johnny B Good:

Go check out to see more pictures, videos, and all sorts of information on their great 25th anniversary celebration!

So, what is the next Back To The Future related release? We're now waiting on the Telltale video game which will be released in December. For those wondering, this does have official approval as Bob Gale is involved in the project. Christopher Lloyd does the voice of Doc. The story of this game will take place just a few months after the events of BTTF 3. The game will be released on Mac and PC. Not long after that, PS3 and iPad users will have the game available to them as well. For more info including how to pre-order the game, check out this link:
Several screenshots have been released of the game and now the trailer has been released. It looks like Doc is in trouble in 1931 and 1986. With Doc's absence from 1986, the bank is selling his estate while Doc also needs Marty's help in 1931. Enter the returning Delorean being sent to Marty. Here is the trailer for the game.

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