Monday, November 1, 2010

Smallville, OSCK Issue 2, Amazing Race, TV on DVD - November 1, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - SEPTEMBER 20:  Actress Erica Durance arrives at the Entertainment Weekly's 6th annual pre-Emmy celebration held at the historic Beverly Hills Post Office on September 20, 2008 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Just thought I'd talk a little about Smallville. I am loving what they are doing this season. The secret is out with Clark and Lois and she knows his secret and he knows that she knows his secret. Sounds like I'm quoting that line from Joey on Friends. LOL. I loved the scene where it was revealed and he gave her this look of "how long have you known this?" Really good stuff. Last week's episode had a flashback feel of what earlier seasons were like with a monster of the week kind of vibe to it. Tom Welling and Erica Durance have amazing chemistry on screen and they just really bring those characters to life. We're seeing the big payoff of that chemistry in this great tenth season.

Speaking of Smallville, OSCK has released the second issue of their magazine. They have an exclusive interview with Aaron Ashmore, news, reviews, previews, and a ton of great stuff. Definitely check it out. The magazine looks great!! Here is the link:

I am enjoying this season of The Amazing Race more than recent seasons. Some really fun personalities on this season. Gary and Mallory have been my favorites so far. Fun team to watch. Brook and Claire have an interesting dynamic and add a lot of personality to the race. They have fought hard in this race after being in a lot of tough situations. Michael and Kevin are fighting on as well and have had some rough spots where it looked like their race was over. Great job to them!! Nick and Vicki finished last on this leg of the race but found out that it was a non-elimination round. So, they'll have another chance at it. After last week's episode, I began to wonder how familiar that Nick and Vicki were with this show. They were completely lost when they saw "fast forward taken" with not knowing what that meant. I was amazed when they were for it being that far back in the pack.

TV on DVD releases for this week. Beverly Hills 90210 (Season Ten), The Facts Of Life (Season Five), The Fugitive (Season Four - Volume One), The Larry Sanders Show (Season Two), Mad About You (Season Five), V (Season One).

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