Thursday, November 4, 2010

Storm Chasers Pays Tribute To Matt Hughes - November 4, 2010

This week's Storm Chasers was a great but yet somber of a mood of an episode. A couple of weeks or so ago, news started to get out about Matt Hughes passing. He is, of course, part of the TIV team and has been navigating Sean this season in the passenger seat of the TIV. He passed away back in the spring due to injuries not related to chasing. A definite and sad shocker of a story to learn. I really enjoyed watching Matt storm chase. He had this really exciting energy to him especially when he was right there in the mix of it. This week's episode was dedicated to him in memory and focused on his last chase. What a chase it was. He was given the reigns this time around and Sean put his trust in him to get the tornado. He got the TIV right in position and they intercepted the tornado. Matt had really had to battle to get Sean's trust to get full control of the mission and Matt proved himself big time. Just seeing Matt get to experience this big thing was fun to watch. Next week's episode is going to focus on the TIV team moving on without Matt. My prayers obviously go out to his family and friends who are missing him. Just so sad to learn of that news. As far as the rest of the episode goes, it was a wild one with a fast moving weather system. Wow, the TVN crew is not getting along at all. You get a girl involved and the whole thing blows up. Just kidding. LOL. Chris and Reed are not getting along after Chris was moved out of the dominator so Reed's girlfriend could chase with them. That did not go over well with Chris and he is still mad over it. Well, Chris learned in this episode that Ginger will be returning possibly which means he'll be out of the chase again. The issues between the TVN crew ended up really costing them the chase in this storm event. TWISTEX was working on their equipment making sure to get it just right and they were battling to stay in the mix of it. The storms were moving so fast that they were having trouble staying in the chase. Sean met up with Josh once again. Josh wouldn't direct Sean cause of some secret operation that they are on and basically said that no matter what that Sean was on his own. However, Josh tells Sean, hey, you can let us have some of your data if you do intercept. Wow. Just wow. I'm really hoping to see the TIV crew have a great rest of the season in tribute to Matt. I know they're going to have a tough time and will be missing him. God bless you Matt. Here is the tribute that played at the end of the episode.

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