Thursday, October 28, 2010

Taylor Swift - Speak Now - Album Review, Lady Antebellum Returns To Milwaukee Gas Station For A Free Concert - October 28, 2010

Taylor Swift's new album was released this week. I have gotten a chance to listen to it and it is really good. I think it is her best album yet. Taylor's writing has always been her strong point with her being able to take events of her life and turn them into song. She has said that there are some songs that take her a while to write while others come together quickly. This album has a great mix of music to it. So many catchy songs that will get in your head. One song that grabbed me immediately is Haunted. The sound to it is so unique from the rest of the album right at the beginning of it. Just great background music to it. Long Live is also a favorite. I don't know what songs that she will pick off of this album as singles but she has a lot of songs that will be hits if they are chosen. I was four songs into the album and was already thinking this is really good. If you like her other stuff, you'll like this album too. I still think this is her best album yet.

I read a story about Lady Antebellum last week that I found to be a really fun story. Then, they posted a video of it this week. Three years ago, Lady Antebellum was still an unknown working their way up. They played a gig at a gas station in Milwaukee, WI with the radio station for the opening of deer season. If you watch the video, they are playing for an audience of about 15 people that are there eating. Recently, Lady Antebellum returned to the scene of this performance and they had a LOT more people there than 15. They performed a free concert for the crowd there. Fun story and I really like this group a lot. Here is the video from the event:

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