Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Brother Live Feed Update - July 30, 2010

Here are some of the happenings in the Big Brother house today on the live feeds. SPOILER ALERT!! Nominations are in. The day was the usual appointment time in the HOH room with the houseguests pleading their case to the HOH, Rachel. Brendon stayed in there off and on with different ones that came in. There was a conversation between Rachel and Kristen. I'd say that they talked for probably an hour or so. It actually wasn't as interesting as expected to be. Both gave their sides on what happened and it ended peacefully. It was really bizarre with how things went all day where you just really got the feeling that Rachel was going to change her game plan and put up somebody else for nomination. For both HOH weeks of Rachel's, she has come across as very easy to persuade despite her clearly knowing that somebody is targeting her. The nomination ceremony took place and Kristen and Hayden were put up on the block. Rachel was crying afterwards and then settled down. She apparently stirred things up when she said the words "bring it on" at the end of the nomination ceremony. Brendon apparently went and apologized to Hayden and Kristen for how she acted at the end of it. That did not sit well with Rachel and led to an argument between Rachel and Brendon in the HOH room. Brendon said that they are a team and he felt that he should be informed of what she is thinking. Rachel told him that she is playing a different game than he is and wonders if he doesn't trust her with this conversation coming up. At one point, Rachel asked Brendon "am I supposed to go bake them cookies and sing kumbaya?" He is big on her not looking like a villain on TV with her side being that she isn't going to be pushed around. Brendon said that her making statements like that at the nomination ceremony puts a bigger target on them as it makes people see them as arrogant. Brendon apologized to her for what he did. I think the honeymoon is over. It is for tonight anyway. Several of the houseguests won the opportunity to see a movie after competing in a challenge earlier today. It sounds like the movie will be watched tonight. I believe that the winners were Brendon, Rachel, Hayden, and Enzo. The houseguests also got a big game board in the backyard which I'm assuming is going to be used later for the veto competition. A lot of times they'll let the house practice the night before the competition so that appears to be what is going on.

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