Friday, July 30, 2010

Dollhouse Lithograph, How I Met Your Mother, CW Press Tour Happenings - July 30, 2010

If you didn't get to attend Comic Con but were really wanting to get that Dollhouse exclusive lithograph, you now have a chance. If you preorder the Dollhouse season two set at this link, you can get the lithograph included while supplies last. I've seen the lithograph and it looks really cool. Great artwork on it.

News out of How I Met Your Mother this week as Rachel Bilson will be returning for the season premiere. I'm very happy about that. I like Rachel and have enjoyed her roles on several of my favorite shows. I would think that she will play a crucial role in learning of who Ted ends up with after learning last season that Rachel's character is "the one's" roommate.

The CW had their press tour yesterday promoting several of their new shows while giving news of their current shows. As always, there were odd things to come out of it. One being that Dawn Ostroff, president of the network, said that they will be adding more commercials to their online video streaming of shows. Their research shows that more people watch their commercials so they're adding more. Ok, you do realize that we are forced to watch them? It's not like we have a choice. How many times can we watch the Mary J. Blige commercial anyway on their website? The CW just seems so far behind the times every time they come out with news like this. Remember when they stopped running Gossip Girl episodes on their site because they wanted to force people to watch them on TV? That baffled me too especially at a time when streaming video was taking off. The site also only keeps up about two episodes of shows online which makes no sense to me either. So, if you get too far behind on a show then you're just in trouble. When questioned on Rosenbaum's return to Smallville, Ostroff said that "the door was open" which was the same answer given at Comic Con at the Smallville panel. She was questioned on whether there might be another DC Comics spinoff to take over for Smallville and she said that they're "going to work on it". One thing that really confused me was the One Tree Hill question. She said that they were hoping to keep it around beyond this season. Why is that confusing? The show was nearly cancelled this year. This is the same thing that The CW did with Smallville lately. There was talk a couple of seasons ago that Smallville was about to get cancelled and that the exile to Friday was the finish of it. Then, suddenly The CW started talking about how they wanted it around for a season ten. So, maybe this bodes well for One Tree Hill. It seems like if you get talked about on being cancelled and get renewed, you're good for two seasons after that. When asked about Supernatural, Ostoff said that she hoped to have it around past this season as well. That is a show too that has been on the bubble a lot.

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