Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 Premieres - July 8, 2010

Big Brother 12 premiered tonight on CBS. The cast was announced last week and here is a look at the basic information on the cast.
Lane - 24 years old and a oil rig salesman from Decatur, TX
Kristen - 24 years old and a boutique manager from Philadelphia, PA
Kathy - 40 years old and a deputy sheriff from Texarkana, AR
Britney - 22 years old and a hotel sales manager from Huntington, AR
Ragan - 34 years old and a college professor from West Hollywood, CA
Andrew - 39 years old and a podiatrist from Miami Beach, FL
Hayden - 24 years old and a college student from Tempe, AZ
Enzo - 32 years old and a insurance adjustor from Bayonne, NJ
Rachel - 26 years old and a student and cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, NV
Monet - 24 years old and a model from Glen Carbon, IL
Brendon - 30 years old and a swim coach and PhD candidate from Riverside, CA
Annie - 27 years old and a bartender from Tampa, FL
Matt - 32 years old and a web designer from Elgin, IL

The big twist of the season is the "saboteur". Basically, somebody is in the house that isn't in there to win the game. Their role is to sabotage the game. The moves that they make in the house will be influenced by viewer voting. We also learned tonight that the houseguest that is in this role will win $50,000 if they are able to survive the voting to five weeks. If that person gets voted out before five weeks, they leave the house with nothing. The saboteur really is a feeling of a return of America's Player without that person being able to compete for the win. We still don't know the identity of this houseguest yet but we will find out in one week. There were moments in the episode tonight where things started happening including the lights going out in the house. Attention then turned to who was missing in the room at the time of the occurrence. The saboteur also locked the food room and the house was forced to eat slop. Paranoia was running wild including houseguests in the HOH competition which included watching players getting hurt and also who decided not to compete. After something happens, a blurred image and a covered up voice appears on the TV screen in the house talking of what is going on. As far as the houseguests, no opinions really yet. Hayden won the first HOH competition and his comments first thing kind of puzzled me during the HOH. He talked of how he paid attention to who bailed out and not competing saying that you should want to win the first HOH. Umm, has Hayden paid attention to this show? You don't want to win the first HOH competition cause you make the first decision in the house that effects people and you often become the first target in the house. So, of course Hayden won the first HOH. LOL. We'll see how that works out for him. Several houseguests did not reveal all of their details including what they do for a living to not make themselves a target. Everyone always has their strategy of what is known. Sometimes, not revealing details comes back to bite you and that worked against Natalie last year. Well, basically you can lie but don't tell people and expect them to keep it a secret. LOL. Overall, I enjoyed the premiere. Not sure about the cast yet but time will tell.

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