Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Brother Evicts Their First Houseguest - July 15, 2010

One week finished on Big Brother. Well, as far as TV time. The actual game is right at two weeks old. I'm already glued to this season. I've heard people complain online about the cast being boring on the feeds. I have not seen the feeds this year so I can only comment on what I'm seeing on TV. I am liking this season and am getting into it. I've seen houseguests already breaking my Big Brother rules. Rule number one is don't win the first HOH cause it puts a big target on you. Hayden was completely fine with it and talking about how it was dumb for others not to win it. Rule number two. Never EVER call your few day old alliance the greatest in Big Brother history cause history says it will fall apart and then you look terrible with your comments. How many early alliances have fallen apart? The Horsemen come to mind. Like I said, Hayden won HOH. He put up Rachel and Brendon for eviction looking to break them up. Brendon won the veto and took himself off the block. Things got stirred up with the Brigade alliance letting out info which led to Britney stirring up things with Annie's allegiance. Annie ended up being the replacement nominee. That put Annie and Rachel against each other on the block. Annie got upset over things as she had an alliance with Brendon and Rachel. She got offended that Brendon chose Rachel over her which is the new Big Brother showmance. Annie was evicted on a 10-0 vote even after making a big argument before her eviction to separate the couple. We learned the identity of the saboteur tonight which was....Annie. I wouldn't have guessed that but I really had no idea. I knew that the show probably wasn't going to give us any decent clues and would work the hardest to keep the identity hidden. Annie was stirring up paranoia in the house telling of there being two houseguests that have known each other for a long time and other things. I am bummed to see Annie gone cause she would have stirred things up in there. When Rachel made her comments on the exit messages and Annie got rolling, I was sitting up on the couch excited thinking, here we go. Stir it up. LOL. So, one week in and the twist is over. I think that really hurt the show but we'll see what happens from here. The HOH competition was held and was won in a tiebreaker by Rachel. It's been an entertaining first week but I'm curious to see what happens with the twist out of the game. There is talk that all houseguests this season are being sequestered. If this is true, could we see the return of the saboteur at some point? Could we see a returning houseguest period? Is the sequestering true? I don't know. On to week two.

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